Sai Responds To Prayers By: Jeeja Sasi Kumar, From: Kerala, India

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai

Our anandhakodi  pranams to swami!

We are indeed very happy and grateful to share our joy being lived together with the lord in this kali yuga .  By satya sai babaGod’s grace I was born in Sai family where both my grandparents were sai devotees.  One of my cousin was called for an interview by our Swami  too.   I can visualize all Gods in the form of Sai.  The Nama smarana “Sai Ram” is our breath and soul till this time and forever.  Though physically swami is not with us today, his grace flows immensely to our family in lots of ways.  With these sweet remembrances ,  I would like to share my few instances where I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude……

Though I was born and brought in Sai family I was married to a person who was associated with Indian Air Force.  He was not from a Sai family,  still he never used to object me going to temple and performing poojas and bhajans at home every Thursday.  Me and my children sing sai bhajans well as we have learned music.  He used to love bhajans a lot.  Both my children are too devoted to swami.

Two years back my husband got volunteer retirement from his service.  He was trying to put himself in a better profession again.  At that time I asked him to pray to swami to get a job as he wishes with a respectful designation and appreciable package in abroad.  He too prayed sincerely.  As he wished he got a very good job in Congo, South Africa.  He was so affected with this matter and became a strong devotee thereafter.  The lord molded me and my children, gave courage and confidence to live independently without my husband.  Before I was too dependent on him for everything,  but I couldn’t imagine myself the way we are now.  Our heartfelt gratitude to swami.

My daughter who is a strong devotee wanted to pursue her higher studies in Puttaparthi. That too got fulfilled and now she is happily doing her  BSC in Ananthapur.   Actually in my childhood I was dreaming to pursue my studies in putaparuthi  that wish and dream got fulfilled through my daughter.  I am too excited to share about all this and very happy now.

I want to express myself to others  by saying, “ Believe Swami with pure heart and He will be there with you and guide you miraculously ”.

PS:  Hi Ted and Jody....i am very happy to receive your response.  I am a Keralite ( India), living in Kozhikode district.  My husband's name is Sasi Kumar, daughter Keerthi, son Sidharth.  Keerthi is studying in Anantapur college, and tomorrow im leaving to Puttaparthi for attending her sports meet on Jan 11.  She is participating in sufi dance,and they will be there till 14th so i also will be there till 14th.  My son is also an ardent devotee...and he sings bhajans nicely. He is studying in 9th std in kendriya vidyalaya, Kozhikode,and also my mother too is a great sai devotee. I am very happy Ted ...i feel like i am writing to Swami...your's in sairam..


- By: Jeeja Sasi Kumar, From: Kerela, India. Received: Jan. 2012