Sai Baba - "This Is GOD!" By: Maria Crane (Received: Jan. 2012)

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Bhagawan"How come I know Sai Baba?      To answer this question in 1995 at the age of 65, while attending a weekly lady support group in a senior village in California a major miracle occurred in my life .

Each week meeting in a different members house and each hostess introducing a subject she had chosen for our meeting. After we settled with our coffee's, Elaine, a retired travel agent, asked would we like viewing a video about a holy man in India and we agreed. Then as soon program started, Sai Baba's face appeared. I went into shock at that very moment, my head saying clearly " oh, my God, this is God." For me it was the instantaneous recognition totally out of nowhere never expected ever. I had never heard His name, seen a photo or read of His existence.

Born and raised in the Catholic faith I had left the church 35 years earlier and stopped believing its teachings. At that time, living through various testing tragedies again I was seeking help and support in my faith. The solutions a father confessor proposed were just preposterous and quite illegal. I never went back to church again. I also stopped believing in the existence of God altogether thinking if there was a God what was happening involving my innocent children would not be allowed.


Until that moment of sudden inner knowing that I was actually looking at THE God on a TV screen. I always thought a life like mine is mostly pain in the end I will die abandoned and alone .

I have often wondered where does instant knowing without the slightest doubt come from. Where in us is this knowledge stored. Later I have come to know its the immortal atma's recognition of my having known HIM as Lord Ram.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this."




Dear Ted;

Thank you so very much for allowing me a voice in your postings. Both of the e-mails you sent in regards to this I just received today.Swami-sai

My blurb on how I became aware of Sai Baba was incomplete. I want to add to it  as a follow-up, that's in case this is allowed?

With an six weeks of my sighting of God TV , HE conspired to have both my husband visit Puttaparthi. None of the ladies at our meeting except myself had recognized Baba. Right after I started hunting for more information on Sai Baba. When finding no one, I next consulted the San Francisco phonebook to find a church or temple  where God Baba is worshiped. Finding a listing for the SF Van Ness center I was referred  to a Sai  devotee here in Sonoma County. Two days later a rather mysterious visitor delivered a Mala with an altar cloth at my sliding  kitchen door, saying I am supposed to give this to you. She immediately disappeared before I could ask her in. Next I was introduced to a Sai devotee by another group member. This lady had spent 2 1/2 years in Baba’s ashram, and just returned to bury her father.

We found she needed a ride to Medford, Oregon. My husband Jim, who by then had driven over a hundred thousand miles for our local Volunteer Wheels organization, decided, let's take her there. On getting to Medford, we first rented  a motel room. She asked me to come along to Wilma Bronkey’s place. This was my second miracle. I was overawed by her, the place,  stories, videos and other Sai memorabilia. After spending the entire afternoon Wilma  asked  us to stay for supper, saying she was planning a trip to India within the month. So would I care to join her to see Sai Baba?


Back at the motel, Jim was reading his foreign service Journal. He took one look at my hard to contain excitement saying "I can tell you had a fabulous time, but I'm busy , meaning he was not open to conversation. The next morning as I was driving back on 5 seeing the sun rise over Mount Shasta, Jim turned to me asking " you want to go to India, don't you."  I was so startled, I nearly wrecked the car while stuttering back." why yes, actually I would. So do you mean you would let me go to India?". I had not even dared tell my husband about Sai Baba, being a no Swami-questionnonsense US diplomat in retirement. He normally attended the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, it's more like a social action committee.

To my utter surprise, saying. "I can't let you go by yourself,  when we get back, you make arrangements so we can both go!" That was the third miracle. We joined Wilma's group leaving for India with in the same month. Wilma had booked us into guesthouse in Puttaparthi. Soon after she marched us to the sports stadium.  Preparations for a festival were under way. We stood on a little hill when suddenly I saw a red Mercedes pass . Baba was seated in the back. He turned around and waved. U was screaming, oh my God, here he is.

Jim matter-of- fact  answer was " okay so he's in a car, so what,".  All of this happened within six weeks of seeing Baba for the first time in my life on  TV. When your time has come, and he calls on you, all doors open wide.

Just to clarify, my life at this age is comprised of many chapters. I've spent a total of 46 years of my life married to three husbands. One at Cherokee Indian, one a German inventor in the last US diplomat. I've also lived practically all over the world, with my last major learning test being thrown into a Brazilian insane asylum and then deported back to the United States, hospitalized again in Chicago for tests, where I was released by the head psychiatrist as sane and functional without need for any medication.

It was the last of five times, of losing everything I had worked for set up or gained, which has taught me rather late in life. I am no longer interested in any kind of processions at all. I now live in a small apartment with a few items from Goodwill, until the next chapter, which is likely traveling to India again for dental work -I can't afford to both maintain a location and travel so I have to store my stuff once more.

I have moved 19 times since my removal from Brazil. I'm grateful I have enough mobility to function to live totally alone, drive a car and that sort of thing, at the age of 83. As far as using the part about husband number two in the Arctic, my marriage to him was before ever found Sai Baba existed but that certainly up to your editing and decision.