Sathya Sai Baba - "Only He Exists" - By: Anitha Sreekumar (Received: Jan. 2012)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai

"I came to know of my dear Sai Kannan through my father in 1974.

My father was a devoted bhaktha of Him. But I never knew or bothered about His Divinity till I came to Doha in 1990. He stopped our planned trip to Parthi with my father(who passed away in 1982) halfway through.Sathya sai baba with car

But later from Doha I had the chance to join a group of 180 devotees in 1976 to go to Prashanthi Nilayam in 1996 for the first time, to have His Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhaashan for the first time.

He (Baba) blessed me with a lot of dream Darshans including the Cosmic Form and He is with me around me...for me he only Exists, nothing else exists.

I am His and He is mine....mine alone!  Anitha Sreekumar, Abudhabi"