Sathya Sai Baba - A Collection of Three Experiences - By: Udayasankar, From: indonesia (Received: Jan - 2012)

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Sairam.    I happened to see your new attempt to collect experiences of various Sai devotees from all over the world and post on your web site. This is an excellent effort, that too, by the person who is active in doing interviews of Sai devotees from time to time. It has been a great solace to me to keep watching those interviews and recharge myself.

Before I write my personal experience, I should first mention that I am living in a small city SEMARANG in the central part of JAVA of INDONESIA. Sai baba carThis is more of less my last leg of working experience after having served in India and Hongkong. I have been a Sai devotee (in true meaning we are not Sai devotees as per Swami, as He had been mentioning that He has been looking for a devotee for ages) since 1970  (almost 42 years).

The knot was made by Him thru another Sai devotee brother T M Chandrasekar who happened to be a colleague of mine at that time. Though I had been to Puttaparthi during His physical advent several times, not even once I had ever got an interview. But He keeps giving me INNER VIEW as promised by HIM to  several of His devotees.



Experience No. 1: During 1973

When Swami was in Chennai I was lucky to be sitting in the front row 2nd person outside the house of Late Raja Venkatamuni and Swami gracefully came out. I had the best of darshan. I was carrying a letter with me and was not trying to give that letter to Him. But He asked me in Tamil, "for me", and I said "yes" and gave the letter. Since there was announcement that no one should try to touch His Lotus feet, I was strictly following the announcement. (I regretted later that I should have touched His Lotus feet on that occasion) The letter carried a request to Him to provide me the honest path to solve my family problem.

I meant honest, as there were several options before me to make extra money. At that time I was working in a Bank in Chennai as an ordinary Clerical staff. His Divine blessings paved the PATH OF HONESTY or me to complete my higher education and get elevated to Supervisory staff. I was moved to New Delhi and within 2 years, I was selected for  an overseas posting in Hongkong (I never had any God father in the Bank to give me back up or support me) This posting to Hongkong resulted in  solving the family problem. Is this not Divine Leela ? 

 Experience No. 2: During 1974-1975

When I was working in the Bank in Chennai, I was part of a 12 member team in a Currency area. This area was fully guarded and movement of personnel was under full control. We used to sit together in a small hall and keep checking the currencies and counting them. Barring a few, all the 11 persons were high critics of Swami. Sitting among those people, I had to quietly work as my efforts to convince them was futile.

I was adivising them that without having personal experience, they cannot throw negative comments.

At that part of time I was also their Union leader. I had to travel to Tirupati in 1974 for about 2 weeks and I had a feeling that something is going to happen during my absence. I told the team to be careful during my absence. They did not bother to listen to my advice. Suddenly one of the top executives of the Bank made a surprise visit to that area and found two of the staff members playing CHESS during work time.

The executive had to issue warning letters to two of those guys. This was a black mark in their record.

Again in 1975, I had to travel to Tirupati for a month. A day before I had to leave, I was to go to my work place to draw some money from my account for expenses. Swami prevented me from visiting my work place. So I had to borrow from a friend of mine. The next day when I was preparing to leave for Tirupati, the news comes that there was a shortage of INR 10,000 at the end of previous day. Since I did not have enough time to enquire further, ISwami rushed to Tirupati. After a month, I returned back to Chennai on a holiday and I called my friends to know the status quo in the shortage.

I was restless. I returned home and  prayed to Swami how this could happen in my work place and how I would be able to work if the money was stolen by some one. I therefore decided to ask Swami thru a simple method of writing names of all persons working in the division (about 15) and placing before Him. I prayed deeply to Him to identify

the person. He identified the person as RK. Then I again prayed to Him that I would do in the reversal way, picking up 14 one by one and the left out should be the person who had stolen the money.

In this method also, RK. So, Swami confirmed and reconfirmed the identification. When I reported back to duty I had to tell this to my colleagues excepting RK. Until I revealed the name RK, there were several suspicions among the 11; but NO ONE EVER SUSPECTED RK. After the revelation, they sat quietly to recall the events of the day and could give supporting evidences of RK's involvement. But can any organisation take action based on this revelation ? So the team was split and moved out of the division excepting me.

The theft case was never resolved by the Police. RK moved to another location and was caught in another theft of similar sum. Ultimately he was dismissed. So, Swami was/is OMNISCIENT.


Experience No.3 : During 1980-1989


During my tenure in Hongkong, there was a big set back in my career though there was a steep elevation of my position in the Bank. The set back was due to various reasons which became a subject matter of enquiry within the Bank.However during the trouble times in Hongkong, I was regularly reporting to Swami all the events of the day. I completed my tenure and returned back to India, but did not realise that a huge blow in my career was in the waiting. I was suspended from the services of the Bank and was asked to face an internal enquiry.  

Pending enquiry the suspension was revoked and I was asked to report back for duty in a minor role. But the results of the enquiry gave another severe blow of dismissal. My future and life was before Swami while I was suffering through mental torture and social stigma. But my faith in Him was always strong. Here Swami played His Miracle. My review went before another executive who was supposed to be a true Christian. This executive, say ATP (unfortunately he is no more) having known me during my stinct in New Delhi, took a very bold decision of reinstating me in the Bank against all the odds and to the surprise of the top management.

His decision was ofcourse based on the papers before him and Swami made him to consider the points in my favor. This turn of event in my life was an authentication of Swami's OMNIPOTENCE.

Sairam with this I conclude this part of my story and if God willing, shall send more.