Sathya Sai Baba And His Magnetic Attraction BY: Sofi Dinesh (Received: Jan - 2012)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai

sai baba OM SAI RAM........I do not know how I was attracted to my saibaba, although I had seen baba's photographs and I was aware of his existence, but never I had thought I would be attracted to my saibaba like this. 


The first seed of my closeness to my baba came through one of his dear devotees Jeeja Sasi Kumar with whom I had the first glimpse of my baba.  Jeeja Sasi Kumar is a very very loving lady and a devotee par excellence and her smiling face and kind words speaks volumes about her love for my baba.


She gave me books and magazines to go through, but actually I never went through them fully, but somehow my baba attracted my heart towards him. 


Nobody in my family is a sai devotee, in fact I come from a family where people do not have any sort of faith, all materialistic people.  I do not know I was drawn towards my baba like a magnet and I could feel the warmth and affection of my baba whenever I closed my eyes and thought of my baba...tears came to my eyes when I did so...and that was the beginning.


My devotion to my baba is growing day by day

...but I am not so lucky as other sai devotees to go to Puttaparthi or sing bhajans or do public service...because I am surround by people who do not support my faith...but Jeeja Sasi Kumar was kind enough to bring me bhajan books and photographs of my baba when she visited Puttaparthi...Jeeja is my only contact with my baba...through her I get to know about the activities at Puttaparthi.

For me Jeeja is my baba Himself.....Love you my baba forever...