A Sathya Sai Baba Experience By: Bhavya Campbell, From: Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Received: Jan - 2012)

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I do have a slight story to tell concerning Baba and Amma, It was a privilege to attend the birthday celebration that united different faiths in honor of Baba.


I had brought some magazines that had Amma' picture on the rear cover stating that she was coming to Detroit in November, when I arrived I thought better  that maybe I shouldn't pass the magazines out, then a very young Indian girl eager to serve the event saw me standing there holding around sixty magazines, she looked up at me and asked do you need assistance in passing these out?


I felt that her passing them out going up and down the stairs would not be difficult for her and her manner was warm and charming, so in a matter of what seemed minutes the magazines were passed out and people graciously accepted them from this young lady.

I was very moved by the talks given and the attempt to unite different faiths together to share both the message of peace and understanding the universal message of Baba, as people were leaving I walked up and down the aisles and only found two magazines left whom I passed out to the speakers as they left the hall, I watched as people carried the magazine it was a full page picture of Amma smiling , she certainly wanted to show her support of Baba's message of world peace and unity among faiths.


I am not a very good writer so please feel free to edit any grammar.


I have another story that happened only a week before this one, I had one poster left of Amma to hang up that advertised her coming to Detroit, I was on a tight schedule and there were several locations that I could place her picture, but I was drawn to one in particular.


It was at the coffee  shop around the museum of art on the Case campus, I rushed in and I was in a great hurry my eyes were drawn to a particular space, I pinned the picture up quickly I also brought an artificial rose to hang along the picture to draw attention to it, as I finished I looked up and I had placed the photo right under a picture of Sai Baba that was announcing the upcoming event at Case in celebration of his birthday.


Amma was right under Baba's picture and the rose seemed and offering to both of these great beings, how lucky we are to have been able to even hear there names in our life time.