Lilas, Lessons and Dreams By: Dorthea Chan, (Received: Jan. 2012)

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How I came to know Sai Baba.

Sathya sai In 1988 when I was still living in Switzerland my best friend and me were searching for the meaning of life. We tried several things and were going to follow Sri Chinmoy, whom we discovered from a vegetarian cook book. We intended to go meet him in Belgium, even though we werent really sure he was meant for us, but we also liked the idea to get away from our family for a change and have a bit of diversion.

 Just then, my husband asked me if I wanted to buy this magazine with Shirley MacLaine on the cover. At that time I liked reading her books.

First I declined, because I didnt want to waste money, then I changed my mind and bought it. Towards the end of the magazine was an article about Sai Baba.

At first I didnt know what to think of it, since one reads so many things in magazines and one doesnt know is it real. I showed it to my sister. She said, I dont know, but you know what, I know someone who has a picture of this guy.


After reading the articles the things Sai Baba said very much resonated with me and my friend and me abandoned our trip to Belgium to see Sri Chinmoy. I called up my sister and she gave me the telephone # of this man who had the picture of Sai Baba. He gave me another number. Because I wanted to attend a Sai Baba group. I called that number, they gave me another number and in the end it turned out there was a group pretty close to us.


So Baba called us to Him, just as we were on the verge of visiting another guru! DorotheaFeet of Sai

Leelas, Lessons, Dreams




In total I was lucky to go to Puttaparthi 4 times. In 1990, 1992, 2002 and 2010. I think in 1992 we experienced a leela:


My friend was a great admirer of a Dutch writer. When I bought some pictures in the ashram they were rapped in news paper and suddenly there was a page like torn from a book. When I looked at it it was written in Dutch. Since I new about my friends connection to that Dutch writer I showed it to her. She said: I cant believe it, it is from that author. And the text meant a lot to her. So swami did this Leela through me for my friend.


Then, back in Switzerland I joined a group to go singing. I had said to swami: I believe in you and you showed me miracles in India, but I would like to experience something in Switzerland too and then I can totally believe in you. Then, when we went singing at some ones home, suddenly they shouted: There is vibhuti coming out of the picture! At first my mind said right away: Who put that there? I went to have a close look and it smelled very nice. Then we kept on singing and I didn’t take my eyes away from that picture. When I inspected it again there was more vibhuti on it. So Swami had given me the miracle I had asked for!



I got a big lesson in humility. When I first went to see Swami in 1990 I expected a lot to happen, like you read in the books. But He didn’t even accept one of my letters. Of course I was very disappointed, but I still wanted to go back to see him again.


In 1992 I learned my lesson. When I got line 1 and sat all the way in the front, I had my letter with me and also a picture of my children. I prayed: Swami, please this time, accept my letter and please bless the picture of my children. When Swami came, I managed to let go and held the letter towards Him, but I knew, I cannot force Him to take it, I left it totally to Him whether He takes it or not. When He came closer I could feel His love. He moved quite slowly. To my surprise He just took the picture with Him.




Sathya-sai-chairAt the beginning when I knew Sai Baba I had a lot of dreams from him. I wanted to go see Him right away, but I had to be patient for 2 years. In His dreams I could always feel His love.


Everybody always wants to have an interview. Swami gave me an interview in a dream: He made me bow down all the way (humility is important, surrender). He asked me: What do you want? At first I didn’t know what to say. He asked again: What do you want? Then I said, Moksha, Swami.


Also I had a dream: My friend and me were in Darshan. Swami came and He said: Where are you from? I said: Switzerland, Swami! Then He said: America.


I told this dream to my friend and she said, maybe He will say that in real life to you. But nothing happened. My husband pestered me to move to Canada and wouldn’t stop until, after asking Swami I agreed and we moved in 1997.


In 2010 Swami asked the Canadians to come for the pilgrimage. I was lucky enough to be able to go along with them. I sat in the 2nd row and kept trying to let go. I just said to myself whatever happens happens. When Swami came He passed by me. So I said to myself, ok, so nothing happened. Then, at that moment, He turns around and asks me: Where are you from? I couldn’t believe He was talking to me. He had to repeat again: Where are you from. Finally I managed to say, no sound wanted to come out of my throat, I had to force myself, Calgary. Then Swami said: Calgary!!!!!!!!! In a very happy tone. This little interaction had so much meaning. It proved that Swami was right that time in the dream, when He said: America. And also it showed, that Swami was happy for me to be in Canada, that I agreed to give in to my husband to move here. It could also have meant that He is pleased with the Calgary Sai Baba group!