Dreams Of Sathya Sai Are Keys To Transformation By: Maiuran Satgunarajah, Age: 20 From: Toronto, Canada (Received : Jan. 2012)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai



How I came to Swami? I was born in Switzerland, Bern in 1991, I wasn't aware of Swami till later in my life, my mom told me that when I was a baby I grew around my Swiss neighbours who took me to Sai bhajans but that was about it.

After moving to Toronto when I was 2 years old it all disappeared till I entered University. My family was spiritually oriented but I didn't get into any of it, there was a gap between me and God throughout my life, so I thought. But I always questioned certain things and wanted to learn more about other religions than mine. Through high school I wasn't inclined to take on spiritual matters, i went through a long rebellious stage, hung with friends more than spending time with my family.


A friend of mine invited me to Sai bhajans when I was in high school, I gave it a try and i thought it was all a hoax. I thought Swami was fake and had no faith in him or in his miracles. Through high school, my marks weren't high, barely getting through. But the last year of high school i strapped down and got myself into university.

First time away from home and loved the excitement, no parents to restrict me, it was me, my friends, and life. Since high school I occasionally smoked and did drugs, but once i stepped into University, I heavily got involved into smoking drugs (marijuana). I had no guilt conciousness, i continued to irrationally justify my doings by ridiculous excuses.


My smoking habit came to a stop when I got high to the point where I started crying and had a mental collapse, I only remember looking at myself in the mirror and crying about why I was doing all this stuff. The next morning I woke up and told myself I would give it time. I started to have the urge to look towards God, i guess my thought was that i could just fix myself. At this point of time of my life I was miserable and depressed. I wrote my university exam a week later, this is where Swami showed me his beautiful miracle, his capabilities, and love.


The day after the exam, he came into my dream and on a paper he shows me a percentage (a mark). In disbelief the next day I went into check my grade for the exam that I wrote a day earlier. I had the numerical percentage that I received in my dream memorized, and walked towards the results. I traced my student ID, Divine-feet-of-saiand in goosebumps i stood there. It was the exact same grade I was given in my dream. Swami is just amazing. A couple of days later, my friend calls me from Toronto and said he had a dream of Swami. In the dream, my friend had, Swami gave him pada namaskar and then Swami asked my friend "where is the Satgunarajah boy", (my last name is Satgunarajah) and I got off the phone and from that moment I brushed away my doubts in Swami and set full faith in him.


The infinite love he pours can't be described with words but this is a little recollection of what I have experienced with the Almighty and loving Lord. Om Sri Sai Ram, Maiuran