Sathya Sai Baba Heals A Reiki Practitioner By: Harriett Freeman, From: Galion, Ohio, Age: 91 (Received: January 2012)

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Feet-of-sai-babaMy Healing From Sai Baba

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My friend, Kay Hubert, and I were visiting her brother and his wife in Virginia.  While there, we were invited to one of their friend’s home for lunch.  During the conversation, our hostess mentioned the name of Sai Baba, and she started telling us about the Ashram.  She said that she goes there once a year. 


When we arrived home back in Galion, David sent me several packets of Sai Babas’s ashes, and said they are used for healing.  I put them in a drawer in my buffet to keep them safe.


Not long after the trip, my friend, Dr. Walt Kaina, had his book published and gave me a copy of it as a gift. I was impressed with it and felt that people should know about it.  I knew Ted Henry because I had watched him often, particularly on Friday evenings.  At that time he often interviewed someone who had encountered a spiritual experience of some kind..  I decided that I would email Ted Henry and tell him of Dr. Kania’s book.  I also included a bit of my spiritual journey, and my interest in his Friday evening interviews. 


Ted e-mailed me back the same day, and said he would be delighted to interview Dr. Kania, and that he also wanted me to come along so that he could interview me as well.  So a date was set for the two of us to be interviewed.


Dr. Kania was first and then it was my turn.  The interview went smoothly.  I told him how I had gotten on this wonderful journey, which had changed my life.  It seemed that doors opened to me in extraordinary ways and I walked through them. 


When I married, and came to Ohio I simply threw out what I had been taught, sometimes in a negative way.  Sai-babaThat God was a punishing God, who would send you to hell to burn forever.  I realized I did not, and could not, believe in that kind of God.  So I started my own journey.  At that time (I am 91 years old now) things had started to turn around and there was so much more available in books being published, and accepting other country’s religions etc.


A new minister came to our church and started a “meditation group.”   At that time you did not mention the word meditation, so the group was called core groups.


My mother had died a slow death of colon cancer, so my doctor told me that I needed to have a colonoscopy and then one every six months.  I was reluctant to do this but had a number of them other the years.  The last time I had an xray the doctor looked as if there was something wrong inside at the entrance of my colon.  I was then scheduled to see the surgeon who would remove the tumor or whatever the blockage was.  I was to see him the next day at 12:00 noon.


I had studied reike healing and my friend and I had taught reike for about 3 and a half years.  I had been able to heal all of the pain in my body, which we call arthritis, and I had healed my frequent headaches.  I knew this was God’s energy that I felt in my body, and I was free of pain entirely. 


So what to do about the appointment with the surgeon .  My caretaker and I, Anita, debated and eventually decided to keep the appointment, talk to the doctor and, tell the doctor we would put the surgery on hold. 


In the mean time my friend, Ted Henry, had kept in close touch.  He and his wife Jody were both in India at Sai Baba’s Ashram.  Sai Baba was noted for the frequent healings that came through him. 


I e-mailed Ted Henry in India and told him about the intended surgery.  The next afternoon I was standing in my living room, when I felt a surge of energy go through my body.  I was stunned by it and rushed to the bathroom, and my colon emptied it’s content.  I will never forget that healing surge of energy!


Each day Sai Baba walked through the throngs of people and would take only a few requests, and on the second day, he reached for Ted’s letter from me for healing.  And it was that day I felt the energy go through my body.  I knew I was healed, I e-mailed Ted with the news. 


That was over three years ago, and I’m still here.