" You are Sai's Child " - Sathya Sai Baba Meenashi A Menon, From: U.K. (Received: Jan. 2012)

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Prodigal Daughter of SWAMI


I was born and brought up in an orthodox family. My grandma was a Sai devotee. She used to help in cooking during Narayan Seva.  I was very small when she took me to Bal Vikas. But I felt that this is not for me so I stopped going after the first class. I believe in God but not in human beings that claim they are GOD.


Life seemed to go on well till I finished my graduation followed by post-graduation in computers from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamilnadu.  The post-graduation didn’t change my life in the way I expected.  I had to work as a college professor in computer science department and I hated teaching.

One day I argued with my colleague, who is a Sai devotee, about an incident that happened in Puttaparthi. The incident goes like this – One family, a devotee of Swami came to Parthi and stayed there because one of the child had illness. The child was about to die so the family were asking Swami to save the child. In the end the child died and the whole family apart from one person committed suicide. So I argued if Sai Baba is God then why He allowed this to happen.  This was very important incident for me.


Because I was not interested in teaching and my heart was set to get into software development IT company, I tried my level best to achieve the same. But nothing happened until I lost my mother in 2000.  Looking back, I must add it’s because of her blessings I got job in IT. 


I came to Bangalore for an IT job in a US based company with so many hopes but those dreams were dashed after a few months of work because of September 11 attack.  And then I stopped having any regular income but the kind house owner lady where I stayed as a paying guest provided me with a book on Swami MAN OF MIRACLES. She told me if I read that book within 7 days some miracles will happen. I finished reading the book twice but nothing happened. I had nothing to rely except God that time.  All I did was to go to near by center, temple everyday to pour out tears. Bhagawan-baba


The golden opportunity of seeing Swami happened in Bangalore for the first time and I went for Dharsan quite a number of times but this didn’t bring any changes. Someone asked me to give a letter stating my current situation to Swami. I replied –”IF HE IS GOD THEN THERE IS NO NEED TO GIVE LETTER. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING” So time went by and I was depending on four people to support my life for accommodation, food and applying for jobs etc.   Finally I want to put a full stop to this physical suffering so I prayed that – Before 31-march-2002 if I didn’t get a job I will commit SUICIDE. There was no point in being a burden to my brother and father and some good people. 


But Swami didn’t leave me. I attended an interview exactly one week before the deadline on a Thursday. There were many rounds of interview and I had finished 2 rounds and then they ask me to come back after 1 hour. I lost hope and thought I won’t get the job. But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity so I went back and waited in the reception for the third round of interview. That was the time, when receptionist and Vice President of the company were discussing about the Puttaparthi incident (about the family committing suicide which I argued with my colleague.)  When I heard Swami’s name I felt happy that Swami will help me. So yes, Swami did help and I got the job which brought colors back to my life.


After that I got job in Larsen & Toubro software division by Swami’s blessings and got opportunity to visit USA on official visit for 6 weeks and I came back in April 2004 and enjoyed Swami’s Dharsan in Bangalore till June.  In November’2004 I came to London. 


Few years back I had to depend on some people to support me, today with Swami’s blessings I can support some people.  That is possible only by GOD who forgave all my harsh words against HIM. In the NYP 2006 Swami gave Laddu prashadam with a note saying – “You are Sai’s Child”