A Poem On A Journey To Sai - Ode To Joy - By: Linda Muschelknaus, From: Australia (Received: January 2012)

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(Linda has worked as the national consultant for the Sathya Sai  performing arts in Australia for some time.)


On the 1st of October last year I was sitting gazing out of the window looking at the dewdrops on blades of grass glistening like diamonds in the morning sun in awe of the wonders of God’s creation.  I was lost in the beauty when

suddenly this poem flowed spontaneously.  What a sweet reminder of how I first met Swami.

My friend Joy had weeks to live and wanted me to accompany her to Sai Baba

so she could get healed.

I was not interested in Guru’s, Ashrams or India!!!

I thought I was just going over to help her!!! How wrong I was. Of course this trip changed my life forever.  That was in March 1990.  Imagine!!!


Love,  Linda


 Ode to Joy.


Oh Joy! How sweet to think of me

Asking my soul to accompany thee

On a journey where you might be healed.

With my acceptance, my destiny sealed.


I’m on a plane I’m India bound

Landing to new smells and sound

In the early hours of a brand new day

I’m nervous trying to find my way


A foreign place where an Avatar resides?

I know nothing – besides..

My interests are not on this track

Get your healing so I can get back.


My first walk through the Brindavan gate

Interrupting the silence, I was running late

The sevadal guided us to a front row seat

Wall to wall people in this summer heat


She Sai Rams the seated to make a space

They look up with an unhappy face

She thinks I’m some VIP

I try to tell her I’m only me!


She tells me to sit quiet and  still

The silence, the reverence, I thought an overkill.

Her index finger pressed against her lips

Shushing me, away she slips.


Then in the distance gliding across the sand

In a orange robe and a blessing hand.

Am I hallucinating, did He look at me?

As I sit under the banyan tree.


Panic strikes as emotions run high

They tell me this is Sathya Sai

Why am I affected so?

My inner voice says “Let God – Let Go”


There is such resistance

As the teardrops fall

Is it love? is it Him?

Have I answered the call?


I’m overcome with a sense of peace

I cry a river of sweet release.

My life has changed dramatically,

I am in Him and He in me.




 Linda Walker-Muschelknautz

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