Children And Sathya Sai - Their Connection By: Meena Palepu, Age: 38 From: Singapore (Received: Jan. 2012)

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How Swamy called me towards Him making my children the instruments.Swami-peeping

My daughter Samyuktha(6 yrs old then) was the instrument in bringing  me into Swamy's fold and experiencing HIM regularly. We went to India in Feb., 2007 for 20 days as my brother constructed a house in Bangalore and was doing house warming. During then, as my children are very much attached to my mother, Samyuktha wants bedtime stories everynight.

My Amma came to Swamy's fold of late. So, she started reading books about HIM. Samyu, was caught to the same. She started asking if Swamy was really God? Is He Alive, Can He Talk, walk etc.

In the short and hectic stay, she started understanding Swamy. She was able to understand how Prashanthi Nilayam looks. Where the men sit, Women sit, Varrandah, Interview room etc., as amma showed her the pictures. Now, the trouble started for me, She wanted to go to Prashanthi Nilayam and see Swamy. As I myself didn't come to HIS fold directly by then, I said, let's try to do it next time, as we didn't plan before. She then started saying If Swamy is God, why doesn't He come to Singapore? Amma said, He doesn't travel anywhere. But, He will hear us from anywhere.


She did not understand and started troubling amma why not??? Amma could not explain it to her further and asked me to tell her the same. I tried to explain it to her but in vain. She was very stubborn and insisting He should come to Singapore. Then, I said(out of frustration), go and ask Him if you don't believe us. Stop troubling us. She started talking to Him by herself and wanted Him to come to Singapore.Her prayer was very strong. I didn't know much about Swamy by then. At that point, she was more familiar with Swamy than me. I went to Parthi twice in childhood. But, didn't have such an impact then. Finally, while we were leaving, she wanted a book to be read to her. I didn't plan to get one. She said, I will carry it in hand and managed to get a big book and was holding in hand during our return flight.


We landed in Singapore early in the morning and were very tired. In the noon, we went to sleep . At 2 in the noon, she suddenly woke me up from sleep and started saying, " Amma, Swamy kept  up His promise and He came to our house.See He is going away. She ran out into the hall and I followed. She was pointing to Him and saying see He is going away.


Did you see? " I  said, no. I explained to her that I didn't crave for HIM so, I didn't see HIM. Then, I asked her what happened, she said, while I was sleeping, suddenly I opened my eyes and Swamy is standing near my legs. He was looking into my eyes.I bent down and took padanamaskaram, He blessed me on my head, put Vibhuthi on my forehead and I woke you up. He started going away. I thought she was dreaming. But, she says she wasn't dreaming. She was opening her eyes and seeing Him.


She has a complication of Lazy Eye which was detected in September previous year(2006) We were very worried about the same and praying to God for some miracle to take place and this happens. I asked her, if you are seeing Him in real, without your glasses, how did you see HIM? Maybe you were mistaken. She said, no amma, I could see Him clearly. His feet are very small she said as confirmation(she didn't have so much information).


baba-whiteShe was in a state of bliss which I didn't understand then. Though I could understand that, she had Darshan but, could not guage the feeling of hers. After this, in 4 days time we had her eye check up. The Doctor said, it's a miracle, there is no threat of lazy eye. Though she has to wear glasses due to the Astigmatism. That made me relate, she saw HIM seeing into her eyes. I thanked HIM for the miracle following HIS Darshan.


She goes to Balvikas from the age of 4 years. So, I started borrowing books from the sai centre and reading for her and also getting little to know Swamy. My first book was "Man of Miracles" by Howard Murphet. It caught me totally. I started attending Parents study circle while Balvikas takes place. Bros there made me understand the Divinity more.


Once during such satsang, one of the Brother, said, meditate every night and imagine Swamy is sitting in front of you and talk to HIM whatever you feel. I told Samyu, that night after coming back from Balvikas, shall we imagine Swamy is sitting in front of us and talk to Him from our hearts. In sometime, she called me and told me, she say Swamy walking in our living room, holding His hands back and seeing Sai( our younger child) and my husband who are sitting and watching TV at that time. To my fortune, I saw Swamy for the first time in his Omni presence and saw Him walking in the same living room(both Srinivas and Samhitha were not been seen). There is a rocking chair in the Hall. He sat in it and started swinging in the same.


That is how, I got kicked off, Samyu talks to Swamy always. We went to US in July. She talks to Swamy and says, I asked Him to pack HIS bags. At the time, we were about to go, She says, come fast, Swamy is waiting down for us. In the Taxi, she says, Swamy is sitting in the front seat. She makes sure,there is place for Swamy to sit next to her on flight. Also there, she takes Him everywhere.Once we came back, littleone also, started saying Baba Goving away(suddenly waking up from sleep), She is 2.5 years. She is not yet talking clearly. She started to go to school in August. To my surprise, she calls Swamy to come along with her and holds His hand always, closing a wrist tight all the time. After going to the school, she will leave HIM and ask HIM to play. On the way back, she will start holding HIM and coming back. She tells me Baba good boy today at school, etc., He is her imaginary friend and is always with HER. Anything wrong or she is in tension, she will say, " AI RAM AI RAM AIRAM"


Recently one afternoon Sai (then 3 years old) woke up from sleep n went the altar n brought Vibhuthi n applied it on her n me.  Layer after an hour or so. She started talking to herself saying" I was flying high n high in the sky. I saw the Moon. In the Moon, I saw Swamy. He asked me what do I want. I said, I don't have Vibhuthi. He gave me Vibhuthi and I applied it" it was amazing experience Sai had.


This way, He started showing His presence. Recently I had a good dream of Swamy and I took his Pada Namaskaram. I feel the touch of His hand on my head still just like my Guruji, Sri Kandukuri Sivananda Murthy Garu's sparsh(touch/feel).


There are many such things happening.Many many incidents He is been present in our house.  If I close my eyes and meditate of even little time, I am able to see HIM.


I am writing this mail as you would relate it all the more. Swamy is proving His saying, mee intam venta, janta ne nenu vunnaanu.(Or As he says in English: I am there above you, below you, around you and within you)

Love to all.