A Dream From Sai Baba - A Call From Him By: CAROL SAI (Received: Feb. 2012)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai

(Editor’s Note:  What follows is an example of how brief stories can be on the subject of, “How I came to Sai”.  Please don’t think they need to be lengthy.  All stories are valuable and should be saved for posterity.)


Carol wrote: "By the way – how I came to Swami was that I had a dream, I was sitting for darshan (I had never been in India at that time).

He stood in front of me and He called me to come with Him.


I did not understand Him and He kept calling me again and again until I understood Him, got up and followed Him.


One month later I was in India. As short and simple as that. But I love to read stories about how people came to Swami, I find that the story of the devotee is really His story, His ways are so manifold, and so beautiful!"


(Carol’s P.S. which quickly followed the letter she sent above: 


Carol wrote: "As to how Swami called me - I think two things are relevant: His patience until I understood His call and followed, and the fact that a month later I was in India - which I hadn´t planned before.


I actually did not relate the dream to my coming, at that point of time, as just everything was new to me and my attention was naturally on Swami.


It is with the passage of time and the watching His ways develop in my life, that I realized it.


Looking back... I think that is common to many of us, our slowly more and more understanding His subtle ways and becoming more aware ...")