A Story Of Transformation By: John Wangsgaard, (Received: Feb. 2012)

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I first learned about Sai Baba in 1995.  Right after my first Sai Baba meeting here in Salt Lake. Sai-baba


My then girlfriend, now wife were after the meeting went out and stayed out quite late. That night the police were raiding my house, because I was growing marijuana in my basement. I stayed up all night reading the holy man and the psychiatrist by Sandweiss.


The next night I prayed to Sai Baba and told him that I accepted who he said he was, but I wanted to know if he would accept me as his devotee. That night he came to me first as Shirdi Sai and he was using 5 gallon plastic buckets (like the ones that I grew my plants in). He just gave me a very stern. Look. This occurred in a crawl space like the one in my basement.


Next Sathya Sai appeared, but was in a general basement with a ladder between us. He non verbally told me (I know everything). Next I had had a very long struggle with depression. So in this dream I shot myself in the head. The only thing that happened was I got a terrible headache. Next I took poison but this only gave me a very bad hangover. So the message was clear. You can kill the body but the consciousness persists. This was not really a dream but a clear visitation.


I was quite astonished as I had never had a prayer answer before. I was raised Mormon. So the next night before I went to bed I said to Baba, you didn’t answer my question. Do you accept me as you devotee. So he came to me again. This time we were sitting cross legged and I was singing to him, love is my form truth is my breath, bliss is my food. I think you know the song. Next he filled me with Shakti which woke me up and it felt like electricity was running up my spine. All I could say was thank you, thank you.


After several months I went to trial. Of course I had been praying the whole time to Baba for leniency. When the Prosecutor tried to talk he became literally tongue tied and could not talk. I ended up doing 25 days in the local jail, which was incredibly lenient.  


Three years later on our Honey moon (we were married on Baba’ birthday) we went to India. During our three Bhagawan-in-carweeks there we received a interview. First he asked us why we had come and I told him that all good children come to visit the parents, from time and time and he nodded. Then I ask him to bless our marriage. He went away (I assume to the askaskic record) and then came back and said that there was much conflict in in relationship, but that marriage would fix.


Ten years later we went back to India and received a second interview. The whole place had changed and wasn’t nearly as magical. This was after the stabbing of his driver. Now you had to go through metal detectors, etc.


    I need to tell you that I have “run” into another self realized being who communes with Said regularly. During all those years he was testing me. The details of which are kind of personal, but he told her that I had passed the test and that he is helping me. I have been promised that I will obtain self realization this life time by Teal. 


    Her name is Teal Scott and she has her own web site www.thespiritualcatalyst.com My wife and I feel so blessed because not only have we been blessed with one avatar in this lifetime but now two. I hope you get a chance to meet her someday because she is incredible. She only needs about 3 hours of sleep per week.


Yours always in the light

John Wangsgaard