Miracles Are My Visiting Cards - Sathya Sai Baba BY: Teong Chuan Tan, From Malaysia (Received: April - 2012)

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How I came to know my sadguru Bhagavan Sri Sathya Saibaba. or simply Swami.


Dearest ted and jody, thanks for setting up souljourns for sai followers/devotees like me to narrate our stories and  personal experiences and encounters.


    My name is Mr.tan teong chuan with surname tan. I am married with 3 children and I am 57years old.. I have many incredible stories , yes call it miracles and it all happened in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. Out of deepest gratitude and affection to swami i simply felt compelled to tell  how I know sathya saibaba, who is my divine mother and father, incidentally that is what saibaba means.


 My story begins some 12 years ago in early january 2000, the new millenium. I was 45 years old and i like to read books, all titles and all types including religion and spirituality.


I went to a bookshop called Kinokonuyu in the Petronas twin tower Kuala Lumpur and on that fateful day in early january 2000 I started browsing in the religion section. After a few minutes my eyes was riveted to a white book with swami photo in the front cover, he would be around 40 years old. I was so struck by the handsome, elegant and commanding look of swami.


I had thought initially he may be an african what with his afro hairstyle but when I looked closer I knew he was an indian. There are also indians living in Malaysia. I then look at the backcover and it states that this man living in South India can do all the miracles that Jesus did some 2000 years ago. I thought to myself  how wonderful it would be to be able to live with a being like Jesus today. So I decided to purchase the book which cost some 46 ringgit or something like usd 14.


   It took me only 2 days to finish the book, by Howard Murphet, and the the title of the book is "Man of Miracles". I was so engrossed with every chapter full of miracles which I find so absorbing and fascinating, some are just so  fantastic and incredible. At times I just shook my head, and said out loud "I dont believe, it cannot be".


  A Week went past and on a hot clear blue sky day, I decided to go for a swim in my condo swimming pool with my 9 year old daughter. I put her on the shallow end and I swam in the deep end of the pool some 10 feet deep. I like to dive in the deep end and touch the bottom of the pool and surface up. On one such dive I found that I just could not surface up, stuck in the deep end , I was struggling to come up and I then realised that I was running out of breath.


I thought to myself - I cannot be dying like this - and I then turned to saibaba, in my thoughts I cried out to him, baba I am drowning in my own pool and I dont seem to be able to surface please come and help me. Just after this thought I felt some force pulling me up to the surface and I came up gasping for air. I then swam to a shallower end to catch my breath, being the ego that all of us are,Ii said to myself - it is all due to my own efforts and having dived too many times, a case of overdoing it.


   I sat at the shallow end with some 3 feet of water for some 10 minutes contemplating what had happened. We then got out of the pool to dry ourselves with our dry bath towels. All these time my little girl was not aware Mother-8of the close call I nearly had. After drying myself I pick up my T-shirt i had worn earlier before the swim. I was shocked and astonished to find my T-shirt had nearly triple in size, from L to XXL. I had worn a T-shirt I had bought with GARFIELD the cat with the word LONDON and Buckingham palace background with 4 little birds, probably pigeons. I was shocked to find all the 4 birds had grown 5 times larger so much so one was grinning , one laughing, one smiling and one with the mouth wide open. The original shirt had all these birds so tiny that I hardly noticed their facial expression. Buckingham palace with an orange color  background had also enlarged some 3 times. I kept asking my daughter what had happen to my T-Shirt and she just said - I dont know daddy.


     Suddenly I realised that when I was underwater I did call out with my thoughts to SAIBABA to come and please help me as I was drowning in the deep end. It dawned on me that BABA was passing a message to me through this enlarged T-shirt that when I called him, he actually came and extricate and pull me out to the surface. We went up to my condo apartment and I related to my wife what had happened. I showed my wife the T-shirt that a miracle has happened , a T-shirt cannot possibly triple in size and garfield and the little birds n buckingham palace , the word London all became huge and what was amazing the colour scheme had also been enlarged.


    I told my wife that I want to see this SAIBABA in India. She was of the opinion that India is a  big country how would i be able to locate where SAIBABA live.She had imagined SAIBABA to a Yogi living in some cave in the Himalayas. When she mentioned the Himalayas i realised that the Himalayan range stretches some 2000 miles from Burma in the east to Pakistan in the west.


   I got hold of the book and started to look for names of places mentioned. It indicates saibaba abodes in a small village Puttaparthi in the state of Andra Pradesh in India. The very next day I went to my office sat in front of my desktop computer and used encyclopedia encarta a program that comes with microsoft to locate where Puttaparthi was. When I typed Puttaparthi all I got was indian towns like Puri, poona, pathna, pondicherry n others but no Puttaparthi. When I look at the state Andra pradesh I realised it is a huge area. I resigned to the fact that I failed to locate where BABA lived. The urge to get to Puttaparthi was strong , every day I told my wife and children that I wanted to go to India to see SAIBABA. I had until then never visited INDIA. 


     Ten days later I was in my office , doing some of my office work when I heard a knock at my door , when I opened it, a long time friend of my younger brother greeted me and I let him in. I then ushered him into my office room. When I opened the door to my room, he suddenly said - Oh i did not know you also pray to SAIBABA - and before I could say anything he added that his friend just came back from SAIBABA's ashram. I was flabbergasted and very happy to hear it and immediately ask him to set a date so I can meet up with his friend, a mr.cheong, and ask him for details as to how to get there. I told him there and then my story as I am telling now.


   A few days later this friend,  mr.say, arranged  for me a lunch with a group of sai devotees at a chinese restaurant and i met a mr.james kong who had been there at Baba ashram Prashanti Nilayam which translates to Abode of supreme peace. Brother James then introduced me to a sister Lian a week later. I met her at a restaurant in Petaling Jaya, just the two of us and I related all the events and incidents that I had experienced over a period of 3 weeks. She then told me that there are 2 groups going to Puttaparthi and I could join them. This was during Chinese new year in february 2000. I ended up joining a group of 14 brothers and sisters. At that time many of us were new to SAIBABA , our first visit.


   Altogether I spent 12 days, all planned and arranged by SAIBABA himself. On the 10th day most of the group left with only a lady remaining i remember her name as Angeline. On the second last day of my stay at Prashanti Nilayam I was sitting in the front row that is the first row diagonally facing one of the lion. Swami walked into the hall, the music started and I saw him walking to the ladies side and then towards the men side . Everyone was craning their head and all eyes were riveted on him. Swami was walking all along the side where the 2 lions were, and all of a sudden Swami or SAIBABA  swung directly in my direction and he came right in front of me and stood for about 3 minutes. What was surprising was that the people in the first 2 rows and the persons next to me on the right and left were all remaining very quiet, and all the rest at the back rows were kneeling, many standing and there were all shouting and giving me instructions.


    I was all alone no one told me what to do, so I tried to get up but immediately I felt a force SAIBABA only bhagawanallowed me to be kneeling directly infront of him. I heard someone at the back shouting  "grab him", another said "touch his feet", I heard other comments like "grab him, touch his robe or kiss his foot". The people next to me on my right and left were caucasians, white people and I was taken aback that they sitting there stone like and behaving like obedient boys. Mind you they were about 30 or 40 years old.


   I look up at BABA at his eyes, glazing, penetrative and yet loving eyes. He looked at me briefly and then just looked straight ahead. But there was one thing I noticed and felt, I felt an energy field ju charging me and entering my body and the same force like a magnetic field force was pressing me down. My very first visit and Swami ie BABA gracing me with his presence and then BABA walked away.

    That was the morning darshan (sight), the evening darshan was even more amazing, again i was in the first row, as usual BABA walk to the women side and then to men side. When BABA was near me a white man wearing a swiss scarve came out from the opposite side facing me and he was on his knee and came kneeling at the feet of BABA. He spoke a few words to BABA and he indicated at his heart, he must have some sort of heart problem. BABA hand signal  him to step back aside a few feet from him.


      BABA then move his hand in a circular motion, his righthand was moving in short circle  and i could see it very clearly as i was only a few feet from where he stood. I saw dust just appearing below his right palm where he held it shoulder high. Then the dust ie Vibhuti keep swirling around in one direction. I was holding my spectacles with both hands making sure I was not imagining, it swirl like a mini tornado, twisters, and then BABA put the other hand palm facing up directly below his other hand palm facing down, all the swirling then just stop and all the vibhuti just collapse and fell directly onto his palm below.


   BABA then walked towards the swiss man , he put out both hands cupped up and Swami just pour the vibuthi onto his cupped palm. The swissman then transferred all the vibuthi to his palm and took out a piece of paper  with the other hand and poured all of it carefully on the paper which he then folded up and put away into his shirt pocket.He folded his hands and thanked BABA profusely.


  And do you know what happened next? Normally when our handpalms are impacted with dust, ash or powder we would just rub it off our two palms, but not BABA . He wanted to show me and all of us who he is. With his 2 palms facing upwards in just a single motion upwards, the vibuthi just shot up some , practically flew off from his 2 palms some 20 feet upwards. It was like jet fan blowing upwards all the vibuthi on his right and left palms. That was just awesome and everyone in the crowd by the thousands was excited , animated and all made sounds and exclamations. You could hear a lot of wows, arhs , whispers and talk. And i saw with my eyes how the vibhuti flew off from BABA hand some 20 feet up and then fell by gravity onto the floor. And as soon as the vibhuti touched the floor I saw a group of russians sitting opposite me trying to gather  the vibhuthi that fell on the floor, and put it into their mouths which I found shocking, being new to BABA and what it all means.


              When BABA left the SAI KULWANT mandir, everyone was in a state of excitement, very much animated and everyone was high talking and walking about looking for their friends or brothers. In this trip there was another incident where BABA perform another miracle, I was sitting diagonally looking at BABA when he suddenly put up one of his hand the right one and was moving and waving his palm and hand in a forward and backward manner. I then saw tiny objects that look like a christian cross coming out of his palm and it went ,zooming past the seated audience to an indian man kneeling down with both his outstretched hand and palm facing up to receive the objects that literally flew out of BABA palm and without missing him landed directly on his palm. I was some 30 feet from where BABA stood and the indian man was some 100 feet away from BABA. The way the little objects in continuous fashion just flew out of BABA hand and landed on the outstretched palm of the man was simply incredible, a real sight to behold. IT was miraculous none of some 7 objects missed its target, among the thousands who were sitted next to him.Bhagawan-55


               I would like to say that miracles are his visiting and calling cards and they help to open up the eyes and broaden the horizon of the monkey mind of ours. Dear readers earlier I had been mentioning of JESUS with his small band of followers and he showed us his miracles in a period of 3 years and left us with his lasting impression and his teachings.


               Here in this KALIYUGA age , Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba performs his miracles at the tender age of 8 and became a Sadguru when he was only 13years old and 8 months, not yet 14. Sathya Sai Baba first song was Manasa Bhajorey Guru Charanam, inviting all of us to sit at the Lotus feet of Bhagavan and urging us to follow him and his teachings. If one cannot follow all his teachings at least learn and put into practice a few.


              He is not here to collect followers or to create a new religion, a new creed a new master, no he ask us to become a better buddhist a better christian, hindu, jain, sikh, jew. or moslem. He does not need to advertise himself , to fly all over the world to gather or seek followers. His great miracle is to be able to gather and attract people from all over the world in some 160 countries to fly to Puttaparthi and see, experience and listen to the teaching of the KALIYUGA AVATAR of this age and time.


             His miracle is in being able to transform all of us to become a better human being, a better father or mother, a more understanding son, a more loving brother, or sister , a more loving wife or husband. In short transforming us over a period of time to kick off all our bad habits so that we become, more loving, compassionate , tolerant, kind and understanding.


            His miracle is to attract all of us with his LOVE ,so much love that we go there to have his DARSHAN 5 times 10 times or 100 times over many years. GOD is all loving he is like a sun that shines on everyone good or bad, he is just an eternal witness. Love is God and God is love. He compares his miracles as mosquitoes to an elephant, compare to what he can give us and what he has come to give not mundane things, tinsels,whims and fancies. We admire and marvel at his miracles, he laughs at it. 


           My family and especially I are eternally grateful and thankful to BHAGAVAN SRI SATHYA SAIBABA who in his infinte mercy and endless love and compassion save me and us from harm and danger and putting us Swami-8on the right path.I do not claim to be perfect and shall endeavour and try our best to live up to the expectation of SAIBABA who I believe is GOD. 


        Many more miracles have happened to me and at my home and office but enough has been said. I like to thank SWAMI for taking of care us and i know he is always with us.