Sai - Love Incomparable And Bliss Inexplicable By: Karteek P

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SAI RAM, How I came to Sai ?... This is a very complicated question... but i feel lucky enough to know Swami and have his Dharshan many times...


It was in the year 2003 my father was returning from a visit to his

aunt's house in Bangalore. I was very happy because i was expecting a wonderful present... ! When he returned i asked him what he bought for me he showed a picture of a man in an orange robe showing a lingam.  it was a laminated photo with white vibhuti forming inside it... i did not know he showed me a picture of this man... he then said my me that this man is called Sri Sathya Sai Baba and he is the AVATAR of this age.. !  Being born into a Orthodox Hindu Family I only considered that Lord Krishna or Lord Rama were only avatar's of the divine... I was confused ! 


 My father told my mother to keep the photo of Swami in the shrine room and pray him wholeheartedly and he  will surely hear our prayers and answer them 100% I was thrilled and i believed my father's words ... Slowly vibhuti grew more in that picture ( The picture was a laminated one ) and Swami was slowly making his place in my heart .


My father slowly started moving and taking us along with him into the Sai Family.. we soon met a couple whose house is blessed with many leela's of Swami... My family started attending the Bhajans there every Thursday and there was a surely a Bhajan organized at our house every month. I always longed for Vibhuti manifestation in our house and in the month of November 2008 after my dream came true for around 2 month one could see vibhuti pouring out from every picture in the House.


This has impacted my life a lot i started attending the youth Seva at the Mental Hospital every week and i found bliss in doing Seva to the need i could understand only then what Swami meant by "Hands that help are holier than lips that pray ".


I had many dreams of Swami. He always guided me through dreams in every sphere of my life right from granting me padanamaskar to what collage i had to choose for Engineering ... everything was told by Swami in those wonderful dreams granted by Swami. I still remember my first dream of Swami he gave me padanamaskar and i took it and i could see the love in his eyes made my cry and when i woke up i found my pillow completely wet ! I know Swami is always with us .


I will narrate an incident when i visited Prasanthi Nilayam for the first time i was really anxious and excited to see Swami giving darshan... Swami came in a car and he was going on his usual round but as i was small i could not see him and i felt so bad and cried the whole afternoon .. and in the evening when Swami came out to give darshan he went before me and i experienced supreme bliss .....


My sincere request to everyone is never loose faith in Swami... he is always with us, in us... he will protect his devotees as he did earlier and will continue to do so always... only thing he wants from us is to have faith in him and to do Seva.. as he says " Love Ever Hurt Never ","Service to man is Service to god ".. let us all put Swami;s message into our lives .. 


Sai Ram 



Age 19,

From: Visakhapatnam, India, Received: June-2012