An Experience With Shirdi Sai Baba By: Rajes Phillips (2nd Entry)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai


Sai Ram,
 In April 88 , I put my house up for sale to save it from foreclosure One morning ,as I was backing my car out of the garage I glanced over at the yard and noticed [ again ] that it needed desperately to be mowed .
I sighed and said to my self " one more thing to be taken care of " So saying I went off to my school to work.When I returned home in the evening ,My daughter and son-in law were in ,waiting for me . 
After the usual hugs and greetings ,my son-in-law commented" I see you finally got your lawn mowed " That took me by surprise and I replied "no I didn't . You {meaning my s-i-l ] must have mowed it as surprise for me " He protested this saying that they had arrived only a few minutes before I did and also pointed out that he was still in his business suit. He added that my next door neighbor had called . 
I thought that she had got disgusted with the weeds and the unkempt yard and decided to mow it her self The thought was dismaying and embarrassing ! However after my family left I went to my neighbor's house to thank her for mowing my yard .She too denied that she did but she said she did see an old man mowing it much earlier .
Trying to identify this old man I asked her "was it Mr Taylor ? " [he being the only elderly neighbor that I was acquainted with . Her reply was " oh no ! I know him ,but this man was very old ,very tall and thin and he looked like he was from your country [India ]This was quite mystifying ....and I was determined to find out who this kind stranger was .
So ... the next morning I walked down our street on this mission. I did see an older man mowing his yard ,so I approached him somewhat timidly and asked him," did you mow my lawn yesterday ? " The man looked at me with amazement and amusement in his eyes and uttered one profound word 'EXCUSE ME ?" I apologised and made a hasty retreat deciding to end this fact finding mission . It was not until I reached home that the answer came to me. THE OLD MAN WAS OUR LORD AS SHIRDI SAI BABA !
 Swami's first " calling card " to me in November 87 was as Shirdi Sai and of course it made sense that HE would come to my rescue again in that form . ps I was told by a Sukha Nadi Reader in 89 that I was a Shirdi Sai devotee in my previous life time. In His Heart Rajehwari Please feel free to edit .

- Received: June - 2012