Sathya Sai Baba - Divine In The Physical Form By: Mark Gainford

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai


EDITOR'S NOTE:  This story is a comment on the Souljourns video interview with, Peter Rae, an Australian skier who encountered Sai Baba while passing through India and absolutely knew he had found Truth.



Hi Ted,

 I can relate to all of what Peter says here even the tears he had in the beginning.
When I first went to see Sai Baba I had uncontrollable tears when I was in the lines outside waiting to go into the Mandir before I even saw him. My white sleeves were covered in tears and snot before I even entered the Mandir. LOL!
It was as if I was a Soul that had come for repentance, not that I have been a bad soul in this life at all but I felt as if so many weights were being lifted from me just by being close to and in his presence. I am a skeptical man and don't fall for BS easily but what I felt there I can never forget. I know who he is.
Thanks for sharing Ted. Brings back so many memories of my first contact with the Divine in Physical form.

 - From Australia, Received: June - 2012