A Dream From Prema Sai Baba By: Rajes Phillips (2nd Entry)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai

(EDITOR'S NOTE:  The following is a dream that occured in late June, 2012)

Thursday June 28th.....Thank you my Beloved Lord for the Dream Darshan early this morning. I have missed your appearance in my " sleep state " and ,at times, even wondered if You have turned your face away  ..Silly and childish thought I know . You are Pure and unconditional Love . Your Love shines on me and sustains me like the Sun . It is the little me that creates the clouds of doubt and useless wanderings.
The Dream you gave was amazing and extraordinary.
It was Darshan time and we were all seated awaiting You. The place was not
Prashanthi Nilayam. It was a different looking building and even the seating arrangement was different.
The Sevadals were quite friendly,allowing us to move around and seat ourselves where we wished. There were not that many people.  It seemed like it was after You had left Your Form. Then the HUSH fell.
You were coming!  I saw the " vehicle " . It was like a chariot and an Auto put together . Your familiar Form in orange was seated in there and it approached the ladies section.
Your eyes connected with mine and You gave me a loving penetrating look of recognition.  Then it seemed ,YOU  were in fact , driving the vehicle ! !
You drove it closer to where I was seated and then You stood up and stepped down from the vehicle. 
What a glorious and Blessed sight, my Lord ! You stood there strong and tall ,slender and shining like the Sun! You gave us all your " Abhaya Hastha " Blessing. You  turned towards me again and Smiled .
It was then that  I noticed the changed appearance !  Your hair straight and long , down to your shoulders --- Your eyes and Your smile looked familiar yet different . Just as I was puzzling over it You illumined me my Precious God ---- YOU WERE PREMA SAI!
That was the feeling of Familiarity  I felt ! You are one and the same . Shirdi Sai
Sathya Sai and Prema Sai.
Thank You my Lord and Love for this very beautiful and special Blessing .
My soul feels so  one  with You . I don't know and dont need to know if I
will be in the Prema Sai Era .
I already am in all three Eras , all at once I love You Lord in the past present and the future with the love You have graced me with.
Do I deserve this great gift  ? Do I need to even to even think of  it as deserving ?
For it is You --- gracing and loving YOU  and not this little Maya of me.
The dream does feel private , but then the book "Dream Darshan " that Swami wished as published is a collection of all such dreams . Perhaps it is all part of His plan Jody . Go ahead and use it for History .
I will send in the Leela at the story about the Bank soon.
Thank you, Triple Blessings and Love.