Videos Of Devotees Strengthens Faith By: S.V. From Hong Kong

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai


Hi Ted & Jody,


I discovered Souljourns recently, a few months back, after Baba’s mahasamadhi.


Over the years I have had a collection of many videos of Baba devotees done by James Redmond and I watch them every now and then. I feel they were inspiring and faith-building, just reassuring to know that the Great Divinity was present everywhere AND “nearby” as well. Then the new videos stopped happening until came along Souljourns.



Before watching your videos I did not consider myself a Baba devotee as the mind would sway often between Doubt and Faith, with Doubt usually always a point ahead.


Watching these videos now – well, I do not watch them but listen to them on my 10km walk every morning – I always make sure I am wearing my dark shades even on rainy days. They help in hiding the floods of tears and sobs (of devotion, I guess) that I often break into while listening. I am not a person to cry easily.


And now, pretty much thanks to Souljourns, I consider myself a Baba devotee! And, to think

So, keep doing the good work. These videos have a role to play in many spiritual aspirants’ lives. I shared your link with a childhood friend in USA who thanked me for “the timely guidance” these provided at “that juncture in her life”.


I might add that many of my friends – as you probably well know – also choose to ignore these videos. I wonder what they really think and what would it take them to be convinced in life of presence of divinity in human form! Perhaps not their calling yet.


But, for me, your videos are a cleansing potion. Pure Amrit. Every interview has a point – several points – to hit home with incredible speed.


Sunder, Val, Brian, Christian, Kelly, Leonara, Al  - all deserve another or more interviews. One inspiring old video I have of is Michael Mcarthy which is also very entertaining. Perhaps a Souljourns interview with him?



S.  V.

Hong Kong

PS. I prefer this letter not to be published. However, if you do decide to publish this letter after editing if necessary, please publish under my initials “SV”.

- Received: July - 2012