Samadhi Darshan In Dreams By: Brian Brunius, New York

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(EDITORS NOTE: Under the heading of How I Came to Sai will occasionally be stories of dreams devotees have involving Sai Baba.  What follows are two such dreams by Brian Brunius of New York, whose Souljourns video interview can be found on this website under the heading of Videos)




First dream was in May. I had been praying, asking if I should make a visit to Puttaparthi for Samadhi darshan and feeling sad because everyone I know has been there recently but I have not, and also feeling like I'm losing the glow I usually have, which is always the result of spending much time each year in His presence. 



As part of my Reiki business, I play "healing" music during the treatments while the clients are on the table in my office, and friends and clients are always sending me new music that they feel will help my clients or that they would like to listen to during their treatments. So I had just received some new music, and I put it on my ipod to listen to it first before taking it into the office. Sometimes the music people send me is not at all appropriate for me to play in my office so I have to screen it first. Anyway, I fell asleep on my bed listening to a track called "Healing Music" on my silver ipod. 


I fell asleep while listening to it, and near morning I had a dream that I was in the Sai Kulwant Hall walking 

along Swami's path toward the gate to Swami's house, wondering why the gate was wide open and no seva dal were outside his door. As I dared to cross through the open gate into Swami's private compound, an Australian woman came out of the house waving for me to come inside and saying, "Come fast. Swami needs us." So I followed her into the house, up the stairs, into a bathroom all of white marble. The floor, the walls, even the ceiling were white marble. And in the center of the room was a sunken bathtub in the floor, and Swami was laying in the bathtub with his hands folded on his stomach and his eyes open just a sliver, so I could see he was alive but non-responsive. 


There was a second woman there, an American woman who said, "I'm the president of my Sai Center in America, and she's the president of her center in Australia, the three of us are the only people left here to take care of Swami. The doctors have left, the professors, all the staff, and even the students are gone. We have to help Swami. He's very sick. Can you do anything to help him?" So I walked over and looked at Swami laying is his "bathtub" and it suddenly occurred to me that I had my silver ipod with the "Healing Music" on it. Somehow it had come with me from my bed where I fell asleep into my dream. So I pulled it out of my pocket and put the earbuds in swami's ears, and laid the ipod on his chest. Then I laid myself down at the other end of the bathtub facing Swami with my legs next to his legs, and I fell asleep. 


In the dream, I woke up many hours later still in the bathtub, and as I opened my eyes and looked at Swami, his eyes were wide open and he was smiling at me so bright and alive and happy. My first thought was that his ears must be hurting after having the earbuds inside for so long. So I made a gesture with my hands asking, "Should I take those out?" Swami picked up one hand and motioned that, no, I shouldn't remove them. And then it occurred to me, "I'm in a bathub with Swami and he's looking and me and smiling... Yipee!!!" I was filled with that amazing feeling we all have in darshan when Swami gives us personal attention... the breathing stops, all outside awareness stops, the ability to form words and thoughts stops, and I was filled with the elation of being in His presence again.


I pulled myself out of the tub and started crawling toward Swami hoping he would bless me and put his hand on my head, and that's when the dream ended. After waking up I called a friend to tell him the dream, and as I was describing the white marble bathroom and the marble tub, I realized Swami had given me the samadhi darshan I had been asking for. 




The second samadhi dream happened last week. My business has been very rough lately, up and down, some months very slow and boring and little income, better some months but very unpredictable, and it's been getting me down. I've been praying to find a new space where business will be better. Then I was offered a perfect opportunity, but for various reasons had to turn it down, and I fell asleep that night praying to Swami to help me and remove the pain and fear. 


In the morning I had a dream. I was sitting in an all white marble hospital room with Swami and two other men. Swami was laying on a stainless steel hospital  table, and I was sitting on a marble bench built into the wall next to the table, with one man by my side, and the other man standing at the end of the table next to Swami's feet. In this dream Swami was also very weak and sick. One end of the room had a glass door and I could see doctors and nurses walking past. 


We were all looking at Swami and asking each other what we could do to help him. Then, surprisingly, Swami lifted one hand and motioned for me to come close to him. He whispered to me with a very hoarse voice, "My throat is very dry. Give me ice." And on the bench where I was sitting there was an ice bucket. So I fished out a piece of ice and rubbed it on Swami's lips, and then he opened his lips and i slipped the piece of ice into his mouth. He seemed to be sucking on it, so I stepped back from the table and sat down again.


In a loud voice, Swami called out, "Hey, why are you sitting!? Get this ice of my my mouth. It's too cold!" So I jumped up and reached into Swami's mouth and fished out the ice with my fingers. Again he was still and quiet, so eventually I sat down again. As soon as I did, he called out, "I'm too hot. Switch on the fan." And I turned back to where I had been sitting and I saw there was a small staning fan on the bench. So I switched it on, and it was blowing toward Swami. 


Again he called out, "Hey, don't let the wind touch my skin. It's too cold!" So I started fumbling, trying to get the fan to keep blowing, but not at Swami, and the more I tried to adjust it the more it kept oscillating out of control. And each time it swept past Swami on the table he would yell out, "Too cold!" And each time it would be pointing away from him he would yell out, "Too hot."


So as I was trying to fix the fan to make him comfortable, I saw he had sat up, and he was smiling and waving his arms around imitating me. And he turned to the two men in the room and was talking to them about me, like he was a comedian. They were laughing like crazy, and I could hear Swami repeating my prayers to them. Then he was saying, He always tells me he wants this. And as soon as I give it to him he wants that. It's so confusing. No wonder he is going mad." And they keep laughing and Swami keeps making jokes, but I and feeling very hurt and I want to cry and run away from the room, but I can see the glass door is closed and it doesn't look like I can open it from inside.


As in the other dream, it suddenly strikes me how amazing and wonderous it is that I am with Swami and he is performing in front of me, even though I am the subject of his jokes, it's still an incredible moment. So I decide to pull out my iphone and record a video so I can post it on facebook. But all on can see on the screen is static when i try to record Swami, and that's when the dream ended. 


Again upon waking up I realized the white marble room is Swami's samadhi and he is laying on a table with glass covering him that cannot be opened from inside. But his consciousness and awareness are very much there. And he knows everything that's going on with me still, and he hasn't lost his sense of humor. 


Brian Brunius

New York

- Received: July, 2012