"I Know You For The Past 1400 Years" By: Kotta Chhaya, From: Gujarat, India

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My Journey with Sai

I was drawn to Sathya Saibaba through my friend when I was in standard VII. in the year 1979 in Sikkim. My friend had a lovely voice and used to sing sai bhajans. I think she only gave me a photograph of baba , I don’t remember visibly but I had one photograph. I wanted to join Bal Vikas which teaches baba’s teachings for children but my parents were not so much interested or as to say they did not know about baba then.


                                      No one in my house believed him during that time still now they know him through me When I was in standard X, once I developed pain on my right side, whole night I was in pain.

Next day my mom took me to hospital and doctor said that I have to be operated immediately, it was appendicitis. My dad was called from office and during those days things were not so developed so my parents were really worried.. I was operated successfully and after the operation as was told by doctor, the appendix burst immediately after taken out.

When I was lying on my hospital bed in the night and the stitches were paining, I was crying & calling out for baba. I asked my mom to bring photo of baba and I was holding it in my hand. In the middle of the night, while I had closed my eyes, I saw him standing behind my bed. Afterwards my mom told me that during that time she felt as if someone has entered the room and she could feel the presence of someone in the room and that moment even lights went out. Now I know that none other than baba who had come to the room.

There are so many instances when some unknown hand was always there to sort out things for me. After my marriage, One day I saw a dream that baba telling that I have a problem in my stomach he asked me to come to Puttaparthi and he gave me some vibhuti in my dream. I did not pay much attention to this though I had an urge to go to Puttaparthi. After that I had 2 miscarriages and I was completely shattered.

I knew Baba has given me some indication & I told my husband that I wanted to visit Puttaparthi. I along with my sister in law visited Parthi. By the grace of baba, we got to sit in the first row. When baba came for darshan , I was in tears and crying. I had written a letter to baba and holding in my hand. When he came near me I could not dare touch his feet. I was crying so much and when he was going back , I called him from my heart and said that “ baba u have called me here but there are thousands of people here and how’ll u know that I have come” & guess what happened ,he suddenly stopped and turned back and looked at me for a few seconds into my eyes .

For me , the world stopped, I did not know what happened during those few seconds. My mind was completely blank. My sis-in-law kept whispering “see, he is looking at you” and his face was stern and his hands were raised to bless and he slowly went away. I don’t know what I saw in those eyes. I was literary paralyzed. That was in November ’96 and my son was born in 1998. Baba has come number of times in my dream, few years back I developed some sort of allergy on my body, I tried all type of medicines but it was not cured. Ultimately, after one year or so, I was very much depressed and I pour my heart out to baba.

That night I had a dream that I am standing on the ground and up in the sky, baba appeared, his face all over the sky, he called me and I went near him. He made some mudras with his hand, I copied him and some mudras were difficult and he helped me with my hand. Then I asked him about my problem of rashes.

A voice came, don’t worry everything will be alright. From the next day onwards my rashes started disappearing and today it is almost 4-5 years, it has not appeared again. Once I dreamt that me & my friend are waiting for a darshan in some place, baba is standing on a platform. Me & my friend got lifted up and we sat opposite to baba. I asked baba” since when I have known you” Baba replied, I know you for past 1400 years and he then told me few names , may be my previous lifes names. There are many other instances where baba has shown his presence.

Love you baba.

-Received - July, 2012