The Presence Of Sathya Sai , The Essence Of Love By: Linda Gallagher, California

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Sai Ram Ted &'s a sharing as to how HE became the forerunner of this one's life: 

What provoked or motivated my interest in the direction of the Avatar, Sri Sathya Sai Baba? Having come out of a "religious" background that was dissatisfying to me, I became a seeker of Truth at 30 years of age.


Surrendering deeply to a God of my own understanding, I began meditating and experiencing a deeper consciousness in which I discovered a wellspring of great freedom. It pushed me to step beyond fear, doubt, and uncertainty--and to step upon a rock of faith in something that the mind could not define. Thus, I became a student of Christian mysticism through a teaching called "The Infinite Way".

This teaching truly broke open the layers of past belief and sent me forw

ard. However, there seemed to be a continual "bump" in my inner road which I was unable to get over or go beyond. In 1984 after the sudden death of my beloved husband and music partner I struggled to step out on my own in music ministry. At that point I met Joy Thomas at a clinic in So. CA.


She and I immediately identified a commonality of Faith and Truth and the unfolding of Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Presence began to enter into my heart. The first time I had heard of Him had been in 1983 while viewing the film, "The Lost Years of Jesus"". At that moment the seed of His Presence came to me and I knew then that His was of the Christ Presence...and that I had to go and be "in the crowd" surrounding Him. By His Grace my inner yearning for the Truth blossomed and has continued to do so over these many years as His Presence entered into and ignited my heart. Within a year of my meeting with Joy I began having profound inner experiences that sent me to the feet of Sai Baba in 1991 (1st of many trips).

As a result of this first in person encounter with the Avatar, everything began to change quickly and profoundly. This first trip was the beginning of witnessing a Presence so Divine and whose Love was "showing up" in truly tangible happenings that not only was I healed fully in the body but the mind was lifted and silenced....At last the "bump in the road" began to dissolve on all levels--mental, emotional, physical--and spiritual understanding began to expand greatly.

The main point that I have to share is His message--the Divine message of all great Beings--of the Divine Love affair that is happening in the universe. Because we see "through a glass darkly" we see 2, where, in Truth, there is only One.

This commitment to recognizing that Love is the One Presence expressing as the One "Sai Baba" is what He has given to all daily: the realization that this is what We Are--is all that IS, that Love Is the Way, that Service to the One in all creation is our path, that there is only Love, that Love is the existence, the Power and the All in everything and everyone....As Swami has acknowledged so many times: "Embodiments of Love"....accept your true Identity and it will be so. This song I'm including was one of many that Baba has placed on my heart during a particular journey "up the mountain", so to speak.. Swami has visited on the Inner many times over the years.

This particular song came the day after He appeared in the night comforting my heart through a very sorrowful time. One of the things about being with Baba is that He would sing Within with the words and music all pushing through at once. The songs never needed correction.

In fact on one visit to Him 6 songs came pouring through and some of them were as I was sitting right in front of Him....It was truly Amazing Grace! "YOUR HANDS ARE UPON ME" You've placed Your Hands upon me; You've healed my broken heart You've opened up The Way to see; We've never been apart You've called me by my truest name ten billion times before, But I simply could not hear Your Voice, 'til You opened up life's door.

The Presence of Your sacred Light, it drives away all fear; You've always been the One with me throughout these many years Now I'm imbued with Your Divine Flame; it lightens up the night It's put an end to all guilt and shame; in me You're shining bright...

CHORUS I rely upon You and You alone; Your Love can never change You stand by me no matter what appearance and/or pain I never need to walk alone; Your heart is always there O Blessed One, I Am Your Son, Your Kingdom is mine to share You've carried me above the clouds, beyond the stream of time O Precious Lord, You've saved my soul, a jewel so pure and sublime You've called to me: "Come by my side and spread your wings on high" To serve You, Lord, in the midst of all--it lifts my soul to fly....

CHORUS You've shown me 
Truth of of just what's real; it's cancelled out the false No longer fooled by the flesh's gold; now I step back and pause I wait in Silence for Your Touch, content to be with You O Father dear, I no longer fear; Your Light in me's the proof--that I might Rely upon You and You alone, Your Love can never change You stand by me no matter what appearance and/or pain I never need to walk alone; Your heart is always there O Blessed One, I Am Your Son, Your Kingdom is me to share O Blessed One, I Am Your Son, Your Kingdom is me to share Thank you so much for the glorious work you and your lovely wife have been given through these years.

What a Gift of His that He is doing through you both. Blessings and Love, Linda Gallagher