Sathya Sai - A Personal Story Of Spiritual Renewal

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in How I came to sai


What follows is another account of Sai Baba's presence and guidance in the lives of others. The author's identity is not revealed in this account of human faith, weakness and renewal of spiritual conviction. Bhagawan-letters


Sairam Ted,

I often marvel at the "Swaminess" of every moment of life. It is my good karma [from past lives, I am sure] that has brought me so close to our Swami. This proximity suffused in Love is constantly nourished by such Sai moments-- irrespective of the fact that I have never set foot in Parti nor seen Swami in person. However, He is with me in my dreams (I have such amazing stories) and in the lovely coinSAIdences that occur so often in my life (thankfully). 

I relate the following story that happened to me today-- something compels me to share it with you because it was incredibly eye-opening for me. The last few weeks have been tumultuous- I am a bit of a drama queen :-) -- because my best friend of 16 years gets engaged tomorrow and, due to unfortunate happenings in the last year, we are not on fantastic terms. I made the difficult decision not to attend the engagement on principle, and my closest friends who have supported this choice rallied around me today to help take my mind off of things. 

As I indulged in a little retail therapy with a dear friend (a physician), we walked past a woman (in her 50's, most likely)... my friend immediately pointed out she presented with incontinence and had had an "accident." I immediately decided to walk past the woman again just to see this-- and it was true. My immediate reaction (disgustingly) was a chuckle-- and in that moment I KNEW Swami was there chiding me for such ignorance and cruelty. I immediately suggested we buy a scarf and told my friend to quietly approach the woman in the role of a physician who wanted to help save her such embarrassment.

We quickly bought a shawl from a stand and I went into a store as my doctor friend approached the woman, who was now standing against a pillar hiding her backside (she must have noticed by this point). In the event, my friend found out the woman was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and experiences incontinence following treatments. My friend joined me in the store I had walked into during the meantime, and we both spoke about how fantastic this woman's guts were-- she seemed matter of fact when she explained her situation to my friend and was open to help when my friend helped tie the shawl aesthetically around her waist. 

Perhaps I look into things too much-- but the woman was wearing a bright orange shirt. I saw Swami in that moment because of the vibrant color of the moment (pun intended). It was a learning lesson for me indeed-- in my self-absorption of my worldly problems, here was a woman undergoing so much physical and mental stuff who I laughed at in the moment-- deplorable of me (I have asked Swami's forgiveness)-- yet who had the strength to wear that scarf and walk through that mall calmly, despite the minor problem in the immediacy. It was a Sai epiphany. It humbled me and made me realize that I need to put my "drama" in perspective, but also that my initial instinct to laugh was something I need to work on. Staying on Swami's Path or in His Light is something I have to remain cognizant of during each and every moment-- and such slip ups (i.e., my chuckle) is evidence that I strayed from that Path momentarily. 

This incident is one coinSAIdence that I will NEVER forget. This woman could've been (God forbid) any woman that is important to us-- mother, sister, friend, aunt, grandmother, mentor. There was such Love in that moment-- Divine Love. Swami was there. His Stamp was evident-- potent and latent with Sai Wisdom/Swaminess.

Thought I'd share.

Much Sai Love to you and Jody


Recieved. October 2012