Souljourns ~ Yogesh Patel ~ How To Find Everything…in Nothing, Sai Baba (Vimeo)

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yogesh patel

Realizing who you truly are! It's something Yogesh Patel of Greater London knows something about.

The walk to spiritual transformation he says, begins by first learning who you are not. From Sai Baba to Atma. From reading a hundred books a year to reading not a single book. Transformation is a work embraced over the long journey. Patel has learned a lot on his own personal journey.

Souljourns ~ Drew Decker ~ After Years Of Drugs & Alcohol, Saved By AA & A Course In Miracles (Vimeo)

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Drew Decker

Drew Decker tells an amazing story of personal defeat and eventual renewal. His renewal was both physical and spiritual.

An accomplished musician, an experienced teacher with a masters degree in instruction, Drew was also destined to become a weekly facilitator of a powerful spiritual study curriculum called, A Course In Miracles.

According to Drew, he had no choice other than to retrain himself in his view of life. It is a story than can be of benefit to others.

SOULJOURNS: Vintage News Room Video, Eyewitness News TV5 Cleveland, Nov. 2nd, 1976 - Election Night, shows 29 staffers…

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news room

WELCOME TO TED'S SOULJOURNS WEB PAGES: You'll like this. Long ago lost or forgotten video I just came across in the bottom of an old box that hadn't seen the light of day in decades.

What is this, you ask:
- an in-house news room mini-documentary, 10:46 long

- recorded on Presidential election night, Nov. 2, 1976, the night Jimmy Carter defeats V.P. Gerald Ford

- 29 people, from my count, see how many you recognize in addition to the usual suspects, Patterson, Nev, Lee Bailey, Tim Taylor, Fred, Tennis Hughes, Bacchus, Koontz, Woodsie, Arnie, Roy, Whitley, Marge Banks, Jenny Crimm, Garry Harlan Ritchie...and more, more.

Souljourns ~ On The Occasion Of Phyllis Krystals’ 102nd Birthday ~ A Model Of Sai Baba’s Love (Vimeo)

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phyllis krystal


Authoress, speaker, teacher, trainer, mystic, follower of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and all around beautiful, loving woman, Phyllis Krystal has just turned 102 years of age. Her birthday? May 11, 2016.

Many around the world join Souljourns in wishing Phyllis a very Happy Birthday.

This, our latest Souljourns interview with Phyllis was recorded just before her birthday (May 11, 2016) in her home in Guildford, Surrey, England.

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