Souljourns ~ Susan Sullivan, Michael Rakoff, M.D., Sai Baba, Vibrionics, Selfless Service (Vimeo)

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Susan Sullivan, Michael Rakoff

These are the stories of two long time followers of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of India. Susan Sullivan explains how she first came to know Sai Baba, and she tells the story of her tireless work with Vibrionics, healing energy work blessed by Sai Baba in India. Vibrionic's is always provided to anyone interested without charge.

Susan's husband, Michael Rakoff, M.D. also works tirelessly in Sai Baba's modern, highly specialized hospitals in India, hospitals that are completely free of charges to its patients.

Souljourns ~ Mike Hebel, San Francisco Sai Baba Devotee From 1980 (Vimeo)

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mike hebel

What stories he can tell. Mike Hebel is a long time follower of Sai Baba, he was a San Francisco police captain and an attorney for the police officers association for 41 years.

In this video Mike shares many stories about his spiritual growth with Sai Baba. He also tells one amazing story about how someone mistakenly reported him to the police (police in his own police department) for allegedly being involved with drugs.

Souljourns ~ Candace Tanner, How Mind & Perception Affect Reality, Her Life Changing Story (Vimeo)

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candace tanner

Souljourns first met Candace Tanner when she was a serious student of yoga philosophy studying at an ashram in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

As Candace moved on with her spiritual studies she discovered the teachings of the book, The Essence Of Reality, by Thomas Nehrer. As some reviews put it, this is not a spiritual path for the faint of heart. For Candace, what she found seemed exactly suited for her, a high octane discourse on the core of non-duality.

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