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Just a great story of Sai Love and Sai adventure. Watch this guy for a second and you'll see the love just pouring from his heart and from his eyes. You just gotta love him. John Moore is a Baba VETERAN....having spent weeks, months and years in The Abode of Highest Peace.

John first met Baba in 1975 after a wild and adventurous travel experience from the U.S. to Europe, to Asia, to Puttaparthi. Boy can this guy travel, and talk and recall story after story of heavenly love. My one regret? I only recorded the story of how he came to Baba. There must be many hours left to record of how Baba totally, without question, transformed his life.

John comes from my neck of the woods, Youngstown, Ohio. I'm from Canton, Ohio, an hour away. Both are dirt kicking, tough as nails, working class cities located between New York and Chicago. The number one industries in both of our towns growing up, steel. Hence those who grow up here become as tough as steel. It would take the power, might and love of Sai Baba to soften us both. And He you will soon see.

Welcome to Souljourns, Part 1 I hope of many to come. This interview was recorded in John Moore's tiny one room, second floor flat, in the home of a great local family, just across the road from the bus station, in Puttaparthi, India. It was recorded in January, 2013.

Sai Ram and Love All ~ Serve All.