Arthur Hillcoat Tribute (Youtube)

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Holy Man Sri Sathya Baba always called him Lion Man because of his long flowing man. Lion Man, Arthur Hillcoat was loved by all in the global Sai community.

Arthur, and his wife Poppy were fixtures at Sai Baba's ashram, especially around Christmas time. Baba invited Arthur to address the crowds often on Christmas Day. In the interview that is included in this tribute, you will hear many of Arthur's stories and memories of his beloved teacher, Sai Baba.

Special recognition goes to Kaushik B for this video tribute to Arthur, which is included in this Souljourns video. And, Kaushik posts a creed for the music used in his video:....Music: I was Here by Beyonce

Welcome to Souljourns. This video was recored in September, 2014, and the interview inside the tribute was recorded in 2006.

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You can view the entire interview with Arthur and Poppy Hillcoat here :

Sai baba devotees - Arthur and Poppy Hillcoat (Youtube)


Sai baba devotees - Arthur and Poppy Hillcoat (Vimeo)