Souljourns - Part 3, The Powells - Sai Baba Videos Recorded Decades ago, Filmed by Cosby Powell (Youtube)

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Welcome to part 3 of a special Souljourns 3 part series on The Powells. Parts one and two related the stories of Aaron Powell, who has been an ardent follower of Sai Baba since the day he was born, and the story of Aaron Powell's father, Cosby Powell, a follower of Sai Baba since the 1970s.

In part 3, a look at some of the outstanding videos of Sai Baba recorded and produced by Cosby Powell, these are several of the earliest films and videos recorded by Baba devotees at Sai Baba's ashrams in southern India. Sai Baba approved of, blessed and encouraged Cosby Powell to record these many scenes.

Cosby Powell's video are available at the Sathya Sai Baba Society & Book Center of America, in Tustin, California, USA. Their website is

Welcome to Souljourns. This Souljourns video, part 3 of the The Powells was added to our Souljourns library in March, 2015. Seen first in its entirety is Cosby Powell's film, Sai Baba - The Beauty of Truth.

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