Souljourns ~ Mother Meera / August - 2015 - Her Sacred Voice Of Silence (Youtube)

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Mother Meera is said to be an incarnation of the Divine, an Avatar. For decades she has brought to her followers the cosmic power of silence. It is in her silence that she can give so much to others.

Welcome to Souljourns. We first met Mother Meera in her home in Thalheim, Germany in 1997. Her darshan, her vision of the Divine which she gives freely and often to others is a model of sacred simplicity, yet much is said to happen out of human sight. Mother Meera travels throughout much of the world several times every year.

Mother Meera rarely talks in public. In this video you'll find news of her work, stories of her followers, a glimpse at her ashrams in India, some of her most powerful quotes and near the end of this video her two minute silence blessing to the world.

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