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Welcome to Souljourns, and to Part II (of a 3 part series) of Sai Baba devotee Al Drucker's, A Theory Of Everything, (Or Nothing).

After living with Sai Baba for many years in India, Al has been compiling stories related to his spiritual growth and to his amazing association to Sai Baba. These newly updated stories will compliment the many video interviews with Drucker Souljourns has previously recorded and posted to the internet.

In 2015, Al Drucker turned 88. As a child he came to America with his family, fleeing Nazi Germany. As an adult he worked as a physicist, and became a specialist in air-to-air and intercontinental missile guidance systems. He later became an expert in America’s ballistic missile programs.

Eventually Al was led to rethink his working role in society, after which he shifted his focus to more humanitarian pursuits. And to Sai Baba.

It was during Al’s spiritual immersion of the past 40 years that he made over 25 trips to be with Sai Baba in India. Eventually he stayed in India for 9 years in pursuit of spiritual awareness. All the while he was given remarkable access to Sai Baba, he taught at Sai Baba’s ashram, had countless interviews with Baba, spoke publicly at Baba’s command and he had many personal experiences through Sai Baba.

While living at Sai Baba’s ashram, Al also reverted to some of his earlier interests by teaching classes and lecturing on astrophysics and aerospace topics at Sai Baba’s university as a visiting professor.
The cornerstone of Drucker’s adult life, has been in seeing how everything in life is intended to help point one in the direction of discovering the Atma, our true Self, to awaken to our one and true identity.

With Al Drucker’s permission, Souljourns begins this new series, what Al Drucker calls his opus, one of his most important works. It is a new account written just this year called, A Theory of Everything, (Or Nothing). Due to its length, we present it here in 3 parts. 

And, we also present the full text of this story, also in 3 parts, posted on our website,

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In Al Drucker's own words, the 'Theory of Everything' is a term that has been applied to the work of Stephen Hawking, the celebrated Cambridge University physicist and other theoretical physicists and associates, who claim to have solved the question that puzzled Albert Einstein for decades until his death, how to integrate gravity with the other three universal forces into a unified field theory definitively describing the physical makeup and evolutionary history of the universe.

Hawking and company call their formulation 'M Theory' and it involves 11 dimensions and multiple universes. In this second of three videos, I narrate an article I wrote in April and updated in August of 2015, in which I take issue with their formulation and propose an alternate human-centered view of Ultimate Reality, involving a foundational, ever-present cosmic field that enables, energizes, empowers, and provides the basis on which everything can exist. 

I question the rightness of the physicist-group's conclusions because they ignore the presence of this most important fundamental field. This field is purely subjective and, therefore, requires inclusion of the human dimension in any discussion of the makeup of the universe. 

I suggest incorporating the viewpoints of the non-dual Advaita Vedanta, the ancient Indian wisdom teachings. This approach has nothing to do with religious beliefs but has everything to do with questioning the reality of the world we appear to live in, and the true identity of one's self, when looking out through the bars of our self-imposed prison, bound by time and space. The problem with the physicists work is not in their objective formulations but in their exclusion of the eternal subjective, which is wholly independent of time, space, situation and universe, and which is the only basis on which Reality can have meaning. 

My article which is the basis of these three videos can be found at­OrNothing.htm or at The Souljourns Al Drucker Series

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