Souljourns ~ Two Minute Video Tribute To Amma Sri Karunamayi. Love All ~ Serve All (Youtube)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in Videos on youtube

Welcome to Souljourns and to this two minute video tribute to Amma Sri Karunamayi. Amma begins her 21st annual tour of America this week, 3/18/2016. She'll be here for 5 months visiting Los Angeles, Cleveland, Dallas, Washington D. C., New York and many other places.

Learn more about Amma by typing in her name on Google.
Jai Karunamayi ~ Love All ~ Serve All

Note: we have posted six Souljourns interviews with Amma on Youtube and Vimeo. Just type in her name, plus Souljourns to find them.