Souljourns ~ Al Drucker ~ 1927 - 2016 Teaching That In Death, There Is No Death (Youtube)

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On February 20, 2016, Sai Baba devotee Al Drucker left this world - a world he did not believe was real

And the nearly 90 year old body he left behind was something else Al Drucker did not believe was real. He would say to many, dozens and dozens of times, only God is real, the primary lesson of Al's principal teacher, Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

On the level most important to him, Al taught to all who had ears to hear the lesson of non-duality, Oneness. He would always be fast to instruct anyone the lesson that the mind-body-world is a stage, upon and within which a play of illusory life unfolded. The purpose of the play and its countless ups and downs? To help us to awaken from the dream of worldly, cosmic living to the one true reality of who we really are.

In this Souljourns video retrospective you will encounter more than a dozen quick and accessible references to non-duality. They are excerpted from the many Souljourns video interviews which Al graciously offered to us. 

In this video you will also learn of the many stories Al would write over the course of his many decades of experiences with Sai Baba. All of our video interviews with Al, and all of his printed stories can be found at our website,

Welcome to Souljourns. These interviews excerpts were recorded in Grants Pass, Oregon and along the Gulf Coasts of Florida. 

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