Souljourns ~ Who Is Amma Sri Karunamayi? She Is Known As The Compassionate One (Youtube)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in Videos on youtube

For many years Amma Sri Karunamayi has visited frequently with her "little babies", as she calls them in India, The United States, Canada and around the world. 

Amma, who was given the name Karunamayi, meaning the compassionate one, asks nothing of her followers and in return is interested in offering limitless love.

In this 12 minute video learn about Amma's life, her many international selfless service projects and about her many ways of imparting love. 

Amma's ashram in the state of Anhra Pradesh, India is open to all spiritual seekers. Currently (spring-summer 2017) Amma is on tour of North America. Learn more of her stay in the United States and Canada by visiting her website,