Souljourns Remember Phyllis Krystal 5/11/1914 ~ 12/10/2016 Her Life, Lessons & Sai Baba (Youtube)

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This interview was published in July, 2017.

Phyllis Krystal lived to 102 and during her century+ on earth, her lessons learned and taught are too numerous to mention.

Welcome to Souljourns and to this video tribute to the decades long love and testimony of Phyllis Krystal.

Her teacher, Sai Baba played a major role in her life. And her teachings and her books played a major role in the lives of many around the world. And they continue to do so even following her death.

 Phyllis lived in England, America, Germany and Switzerland and she visited India regularly. She stayed active with her teachings up until the very end.

Included here are many photos of Phyllis as she was growing up and excerpts from many of her video talks and interview. Included in its entirety at the end of this video is her final video interview with Souljourns recorded just several days before her 102nd birthday.

Souljourns wishes to thank the Phyllis Krystal family for giving us so many wonderful family photos.

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