Souljourns ~ Short But Sweet ~ Dr. Rajeswari Murthy ~ Sai Baba & Women's Rights (Youtube)

Written by Ted Henry and Jody Cleary on . Posted in Videos on youtube

Dr. Rajeswari Murthy. She is turning 96 years old, an early champion of women's rights in India, her work carries on in America.

This ardent Sai Baba follower was told by her teacher, Sai Baba to go to America from India. In this Souljourns Short but Sweet interview you will learn of some of her many accomplishments in helping to open the door for women's rights in India and abroad.

Souljourns regrets that some of this video is of poor quality, but the content of its message is unblemished.

 Welcome to Souljourns. This video was recorded by Skype with Dr. Murthy, from her home in New York, in October, 2017.

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