Souljourns ~ Arunisha Sengupta, Long An Atheist, Changed By An Uninvited Voice

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It is an amazing first person account.

This interview came to Souljourns highly recommended. It is with a businesswoman named Arunisha Sengupta. After being spurned by God in her view, she long ago dropped all belief in the divine.

One day, when least expecting it, a powerful voice intruded itself into her life, a voice filled with spiritual downloads, a loud overbearing human voice that could not be denied for two whole years. This is an unusual story by a woman who readily admits to her life being changed for the better by what happened during those years.

Because this interview was recorded using Skype we experienced several technical issues causing us to edit much of this interview. The voice is off, the video is occasionally lacking and parts of the story were missed. Souljourns regrets this issue, but we felt the content that was captured nonetheless makes for a stirring spiritual story.

One of the key elements of Arunisha's downloaded spiritual messages had to do with the subject of fire, as in spiritual fire. Since we were not able to post that part of our interview here due to a variety of reasons, we are including a link here to what Arunisha calls her Holy Fire Yoga Mission page on facebook. This Holy Fire Yoga Mission is one of the most important subjects discussed by the special voice speaking directly to Arunisha.

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This interview was recorded on a Skype links between Mumbai, India and Coronado California in May, 2018.

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