Souljourns ~ Berniece Mead, For Decades A Sai Baba Follower Who Learned To Believe In Her Truest Self

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bernice mead

She is an exceptional human being, Berniece Mead, the long running national education director for Sai Baba's world famous, SSE program, Sai Spiritual Education program. The Universe has given her decades of personal pain and loss, but you would never know it. Practicing her love for Baba she has learned to overcome all adversity, to think instead of the unity of life, that we are all one.

Welcome to Souljourns and to this outstanding walk through life, of a Texas woman who learned from Sai Baba how to stand up to anything.

This interview was recorded in Berniece Mead's how in Tustin, California on March 22, 2019.

~ Souljourns ~ Our 22nd Anniversary ~ Spiritual Adventures Of 400+ People Seen In 142 Countries

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Souljourns anniversary

It was my wife, Jody Cleary's idea. Back in 1997 she said now that you've interviewed thousands in your television news career spanning several decades, why don't you start interviewing people in pursuit of greater spiritual understanding?

It did not take along after her question was posed that Souljourns was born. Why are we here, really? What's it all about? What happens next? Collecting answers to those questions has kept both of us in the school of spiritual evolution, and it's brought us great personal fulfillment.

Souljourns ~ Pryia, Sai Baba Guides Her In All Ways In Life

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How has Sri Sathya Sai Baba transformed the life Pryia of San Diego? Just count the ways.

Enjoy this story of how Sai Baba first entered into Pryia consciousness, and how he continues to guide her even to this day.

Pryia shares her story her with fellow Sai Baba devotees in the home of Sharon and Sam Sandweiss in their Point Loma Sai Center in San Diego.