Souljourns ~ Mesh Khetia, Sai Youth - Where Have They Gone? Sai Baba (Youtube)

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Mesh Khetia

Sai Youth, young people who are followers of Sai Baba fall roughly between the ages of 16 to 36. Mesh Khetia is a 28 year old Sai Youth who volunteered to comment on what appears to be the case of disappearing Sai Youth. Where have they gone? And why?

Welcome to Souljourns. And to a commentary on the changing world of Sai Baba devotees world wide, especially Sai Youth.

This interview was recorded on a U.K. Motorway between London and Manchester in April of 2016.

Souljourns Remember Phyllis Krystal 5/11/1914 ~ 12/10/2016 Her Life, Lessons & Sai Baba (Youtube)

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Phyllis Krystal

This interview was published in July, 2017.

Phyllis Krystal lived to 102 and during her century+ on earth, her lessons learned and taught are too numerous to mention.

Welcome to Souljourns and to this video tribute to the decades long love and testimony of Phyllis Krystal.

Her teacher, Sai Baba played a major role in her life. And her teachings and her books played a major role in the lives of many around the world. And they continue to do so even following her death.

Souljourns ~ 6 Minutes With Jayashre Tataverti ~ Souljourns Short But Sweet (Youtube)

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jayashre tataverti

SOULJOURNS SHORT BUT SWEET, we invite you to enjoy a brief 6 minutes with Sai Baba devotee, Jayashre Tataverti of Chicago, Ill. 

She says she really doesn't think about Sai Baba because there is no need to, he's been there (with her) all the time. 

Enchanting insights along a powerful spiritual path. Jayashre's family has been with Sai Baba since the 1950s.

Souljourns ~ Sriraag Balaji Srinivasan ~ Sai Baba Graced Him With The Gift Of Awakening, Bliss (Youtube)

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sriraag balaji srinivasan

This is an important Souljourns video interview for two reasons.

First, in learning of 21 year old medical student, Sriraag Balaji Srinivasan, Souljourns has discovered a serious spiritual aspirant who has tasted the sweet nectar of bliss, of what many call self realization. His story is compelling. And it is the type of story Souljourns is most interested in learning about at this point in our program's evolution.