Souljourns ~ Short But Sweet. Celebrate Your Spiritual Teacher This Week. It's Guru Purnima

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amma karunamayi

This is the week of Guru Purnima, July 22nd, 2018, the time when spiritual seekers set aside a little time to celebrate their most auspicious teacher or teachers.

This short but sweet, 5 minute video is a tribute to all of our teachers who are helping us to better understand who we are. Who we really are.

Welcome to Souljourns. This video was produced in Coronado, California on July 22nd, 2018.

Souljourns ~ Jasmine Jones, How A Trained Opera Singer, An Athiest, Finds Her Belief In The Divine

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jasmine jones

Jasmine Jones has a most interesting story of the way she went from being an atheist for 10 years to becoming an ardent follower of Amma Sri Karunamayi.

This story winds its path from the days Jasmine was raised Catholic, to when she became a Southern Baptist, to when she lost her faith.

It was the sudden appearance of Shiva in her life that suddenly changed her vision....all of which led to the arrival of Amma into her consciousness.

Welcome to Souljourns.

Souljourns ~ Sunder Iyer's Newest Interview 7/2/2018, Sai Baba To St. Francis Of Assisi

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sunder iyer

After a long absence, Souljourns is happy to post our 7th video interview with Sunder Iyer. Sunder spent two full years working as Sai Baba's personal attendant inside his personal residence in Prashanti Nilayam, India.

In this interview, two extraordinary lessons learned and finally put into practice.

Also, the story about how this summer finds Sunder and his wife, Maya at the greatest turning point in their marriage.

Souljourns ~ Sunam Gyamtso Tenzin ~ A Glimpse Into The Realm Of Qualified Non-dualism

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sunam gyamtso tenzin

How can Sai Baba of India change a person? You might ask Sunam Gyamtso Tanzin, a resident of the beautiful mountain side town of Gangtok, Sikkim, India, a short distance from Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal..

Sunam is a professor, musician, singer, composer and ardent follower of Sai Baba, the Indian Holy Man who back in the mid 1970s saved his life.

When Souljourns asked him how close he believes himself to be to Oneness with God, to the state of Non-Duality, his reply was that he feels himself now to be in a state of Vishishtadvaita, the state of “Qualified Non-dualism”, or to be more precise, to be living in a state where non-duality is maintained, while differences can still be stated.

Souljourns ~ Arunisha Sengupta, Long An Atheist, Changed By An Uninvited Voice

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arunisha sengupta

It is an amazing first person account.

This interview came to Souljourns highly recommended. It is with a businesswoman named Arunisha Sengupta. After being spurned by God in her view, she long ago dropped all belief in the divine.

One day, when least expecting it, a powerful voice intruded itself into her life, a voice filled with spiritual downloads, a loud overbearing human voice that could not be denied for two whole years. This is an unusual story by a woman who readily admits to her life being changed for the better by what happened during those years.